December 29, 2012

335UPDATED : The current number is 335 as of December 30th.

The current (posted) murder count in Philadelphia is listed at 329.  That’s five over last year’s total.  Off course, the real count is likely much higher, but either way, 2012 is more grim that 2011. 


December 17, 2012

324The city of Philadelphia reached a grim milestone today: its 324th homicide.

The number equals the 2011 total, and with two weeks left in this year, that number is sure to rise.

Of course, Police Commissioner Ramsey will still claim the numbers are down . . . because he will continue to compare them to the grisly 2007 number of 391. Fudging: It’s not just for candy stores anymore.


November 23, 2012

The city of Philadelphia earned its 300th homicide yesterday.  It is on pace to top last year’s mark of 324.  But by all means, keep voting Democrat.