PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police have two women in custody and are searching for a third male suspect involved in a burglary that took place at a Philadelphia pizzeria Saturday morning. Police say at about 9 a.m., a white male in his thirties crashed his blue Ford Explorer into Aldo’s Pizzarama located on the 10000 block of Bustleton Avenue in northeast Philadelphia. He allegedly took the cash register which contained about $300 and fled the scene in his vehicle occupied by two other females, according to police. Philadelphia police chased the vehicle down Byberry Road until it crashed in Lower Moreland Township, Montgomery County.

The male suspect fled the scene, but police say the two female occupants were injured and trapped in the car when officers arrived. They were taken to a hospital for treatment, but police say they will be charged. Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the male offender who remains at large. LINK

Ok Aldo’s is my neighborhood pizza place. I have been getting Aldo’s pizza since I was a kid and it is still the best pizza in N.E. Philly hands down. It is in the top ten city-wide that’s for sure, maybe even top five. It grates my soul that there are frigging animals like this roaming free. It also grates my cheese that this is just another sign of how Philly and most other big cities are deteriorating before our eyes. Crime is out of control and is now prevalent in every part of the city.

The best part of this story is that these scumbags were caught in Lower Moreland, that’s outside Philly. They will no doubt get more time for fleeing and eluding in Montgomery County than they will for the original burglary in Philly. HOORAY!

I hope they rot. I’ll be getting some Aldo’s this week to show my support for this outstanding local business. That is if Wyatt doesn’t beat me to it!


3 Responses to ALDO’S PIZZA ROBBED!

  1. Bethanny says:

    Note: perpetrator DID NOT crash his veh into Aldo’s Pizza..rather veh was crashed into a tree , later in Westmoreland Township leaving females injured & trapped.

  2. steph taylor says:

    Note #2: the vehicle was NOT a Ford explorer…It was a Chevy Suburban as shown clearly in the news coverage video!! And it is NOT west Moreland township..It was Lower Moreland Township…OMG!!

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