I’m a Philadelphia, PA. firefighter. As a Captain, I’m in charge of running my station and answering calls with my crew. I’m a conservative, Christian, white male and proud gun owner so that makes me either a caveman, or the root of all evil.

I deal with the guilt by listening to old school heavy metal, shooting guns, and building classic muscle cars. I love war movies, power tools,  Jack Daniels and Yuengling beer. (Only when I can’t get good German Weizen.)

The blog is an outlet and not an obsession. If it becomes an obsession, I’ll quit. Oh, and if you can’t deal with sarcasm you’re better off reading the newspaper. I hope you enjoy it.



Ever wonder what the guy sitting in the back of the hook and ladder truck sees from up there? Now you know. This is a shot from the tiller cage as we were rounding a curve at the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly. We were taking a reserve ladder back to another station and I got pressed into service tillering since we were a man down. Sometimes you have to show the kids that the old guys can still get busy.

37 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. Karyn says:

    What a great site!

    I have a very warm spot in my heart for all firefighters.

    My dad worked on LAFD, was an inspector for a long time, and then finally became a captain a few years before he retired (28 years and could hardly wait to get to work each day.) So you can say that I grew up with a real-life hero right in my own home. I have often said that if he had been alive during 9/11 it would have killed him. Thank you for putting that rememberance on your site, so many have forgotten. Not me. Never will I forget.

    Well, thank you for being the one who runs in while others run out.

    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  2. Thanks Karyn! Glad you like it.

  3. Ritt says:

    Captain – It is now Monday evening. I am disappointed to find NO PICTURE of the Philadelphia Eagle cheer leaders posted. The Eagles beat the NEW YORK GIANTS – historic foe, contending team and last year’s SUPER BOWL WINNER. GET IT TOGETHER!


  5. YOoooooooooo says:

    YOooooooooo Capt

    Good job on your site, I didn’t think you had it in Ya..

    Be SAFE & Keep The Faith


  6. Squid says:

    Yo Capt. I love the site. I’m a brother career firefighter in Upper Darby. My roots hail from Norristown, Pa. Nice to jump on the site and see someone with the same views. No surprise though since most of us in the fire service rise from Type A personalities. Your blog has been added to my list of daily stops on the internet to see how the world is doing. Not only does it provide for great reading, but seems to pull a chuckle out of me everytime I stop in. keep up the great work. God bless and be safe.


  7. Thanks Squid. Glad to have ya aboard. You might want to check out Kates Kafe. Shes from out your way and a friend of FirstIn as well.
    Stay Safe Bro. C/a

  8. r.crabtree says:

    Love the site, will check it often. Glad to see other Christian’s and gun owner’s out there. Hope you keep it up and hope the outlet works for you. I also feel like society labels people who proclaim to be Christian or who own guns as an evil segment of society. I for one am not ashamed and hope all others with the same interests will stand up and hold their representative’s responsible. America is still great and with a little prayer it will stay that way. Congratulations for not being ashamed. Some run from trouble, others run toward it. thank you.

  9. cbullitt says:

    Nobody’s better off reading a newspaper–especially since I write for one. Keep up the good work Capt.

  10. Swen says:

    Cool site Capt. just found it myself. The first paragraph sounds just like myself, just replace the department. Its good to find like minded (to the right) people in a liberal world.

  11. Dustoff says:

    Hey brother. Great site.

    Firefighter/medic. Wa state.

    You keep safe CAP.

  12. JP in Cincinnati says:

    Thanx for a great site and the guts to tell people the way it is!…Lead on, CAP!

  13. Guyfood Guy says:

    Captain – nice site. Loved your blog on the Guyfood(tm)photoshoot at the firehouse. Looking forward to coming back to Philly. Thanks!

  14. luvinmyhero says:


    until dome is back up…i was invited

  15. fluff says:

    I think the blog is great and so are you, Captain. You had me between laughing and sputtering. Great site.

  16. Gurtler says:

    Keep up the good work, Captain.

  17. cafay1 says:

    Great refreshing site. I so appreciate when someone tells it like it is. You have a great sense of humor and I look forward to following your updates. Keep up the great work it is very enjoyable.

  18. Maggie Mama says:

    http://www.Lucianne.com has a picture of the President on Veteran’s Day at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

    I enjoyed your post that day, especially the Fox interview with the Sgt who serves as part of the Honor Guard.

    Wonder what he would think about this President?

  19. Marc says:

    Whats up brother..Im a Chief from Jersey. Cool site you got here!!!! Boy the last time I was in Philly I stopped in by “Tony Lukes”…however I heard that Ginos or Pats is better…Whats your opinion???
    Well thats all I got for now…I’m out.
    Be safe

  20. acitizenusa says:

    LOL………I jokingly say that I was the ‘dalmatian’ because my father was the Fire Chief for many years and would take me on small brush fires or drills but I would sit up front!!!!

  21. Joe Rizzo says:

    where is the gov Christie video???? Who stepped on your throut????

  22. Hey Cap,

    Great stuff here. Loved reading it. I to am a Christian, God Fearing, Gun Owning (and carrying) Conservative and proud of it. My Guns have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car!

    Say hello to Mongo for me.


  23. Hey,
    Any of your firehalls raising money to save the Olympia from Davey Jonses’

  24. Bob says:

    Go to American catholic blogsite to see what they city is putting out there to the bloggers. To make them a business and charging them 300uds if they ask for donations. Big brother.

  25. firefighter says:

    Nice site.Nice car.Very interesting.Thank’s for all.Congratulations from Belarus,West Europe.

  26. Richard says:

    hi Captain, its me Richard from Germany,
    we had a fire on my worplace this year, you can have a look on the links. Karlheinz was also by the fire in action.
    greetings on your family and drive slowly with your car, he looks great.

    by Richard

  27. deeemtea says:

    Hiya Cap!! You have a great site, Sir!! I’m originally from the Philly area (Abington), joined the Navy and after retiring, used the ol’ GI Bill to get my Paramedic’s degree…even entertained the idea of moving back to become a FSP – that is, until I started doin’ a bit of intel collection about PFD’s maltreatment @ the hands of PhilGov & its stooge, Ayers… Cannot believe your FSPs were torn out of the Brother’s Local – effin’ unbelievable!!!

    I never returned to become a PSD w/ Philly Fire – and frankly, won’t ever after reading this, other blogs, and news reports – but I still greatly admire the Service and its members, and will always wonder what it would’ve been like to fulfill that young man’s ambition…alas…

    Anyway, there’s still a war on-going over there, so when Uncle Sam (no friend of FFs or Medics, either!) made me an offer to be a DoD Civvie Medic, what could I say?!…I still wanna do my part to support the war effort and win this fight for our civilization.

    I am sincere when I say that the PFD personnel I’ve briefly met have all been marvelous: Professional, smart, and dedicated to their duties, FF or PSD. So I thank you all for your untiring service, and wish you the warmest of season’s greetings; and in my own twisted way, I’ll pray for your safety and success as you battle demons and dragons (political and thermal) during the up-coming new year.

    Very Respectfully,

    Michael Collins, USN (Ret)
    NR-P, TX L-P

  28. jay scidurlo says:

    Great new site,good luck Capt.Wonder when the first Philly trucks cross the bridge…Can not belive it…

    Stay Safe…
    D.P.O. 28

  29. Al Krokenberger says:

    I love the site, keep the pressure on!!!

    I’m a retired Philly FF

  30. Anthony says:


    I have some questions about the IAFF. I am a firefighter in Texas and at a crossroads with the IAFF. Would you please send me an email if you are interested in helping.


  31. Norm Atwater says:

    Thanks Cap. for telling it like it is. Came accost you site when i googled Camden Fire as my daughter told me about it today and i am overseas in the Philippines . I am a retired Navy SCPO last duty station was in Phila at the USN fire school as senior instructor in 84. Went on to NJ side and worked 20yr’s at a ship board fire school for Merchant Marine Personal in Freehold . My co worker was a Ret FDNY Lt. and was a great person we invented the Augustus Car Fire Tool. but sadly he got killed in a car accident on his way home from Atlantic City about 5yr ago.
    Keep up the good work and stay safe i booked marked you site and will check back often to see what is going on Norm

  32. denver says:

    Just reading the comment on reminded mie of why, when working in HBG I ducked every trip to Phila I could. Yeah, I’m a big bad womanizing Liberal who knows this. If you want serious audacity in Poli’ Commentary turn on Fox. That’s what your “Prey To Reagan Demographic Bunch usually do, (in the nude I’d bet to see the plastic surgery bunch of women who wouln’t know news from nose. (Nosejob, ok MAYBE.) But those hot robot babes don’t make it any more believable, the topic was MARRIAGE not POLITICS. And BTW, Rocky, The Eagles, and Sick Mike Vick are more telling of Philly than you n your crews political wisdom0. Oh Yeah, The STEELERS RULE. (How many rings the eagles have. And boy, them Sixers… Seeing them makes me glad we still don’t have an NBA Team, but if/when we (Pgh) do, that game’ll be a joke as funny as Fox News and your Political views. Tell the Crew at Paddy’s hello.

  33. Esther Scidurlo says:

    Scidurlo I;m so so proud of you I;v loved you since you were a little boy. I;m so happy and proud of you. You are doing what you always wanted to do. Hope all is well and keep up the good work. Love you Esther Scidurlo

  34. TomKat says:

    What a nice blog! Its great to know that liked minded people exist east of the Mississippi river.

    God bless you Captain-

  35. Jason Nark says:

    How did I get in touch with you?

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