November 23, 2012

The city of Philadelphia earned its 300th homicide yesterday.  It is on pace to top last year’s mark of 324.  But by all means, keep voting Democrat.



July 26, 2012

Joe Biden speaking at this years IAFF convention. His entire speech patronizes and insults the intelligence of many rank and file conservative firefighters. Particularly galling is his use of the memory of our fallen brothers to score political points. Apparently Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden is completely ignorant of the fact the DEMOCRAT MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER has tried to break the firefighters union and stopped our contract from being implemented for THREE YEARS. Either that or he just doesn’t give a shit. More firefighters have lost their jobs under Obama and Biden than any other administration in history.


February 5, 2012

One has to wonder if these injuries would have occurred if the city hadn’t closed/browned out so many fire stations. Decisions have consequences.

Three firefighters and four civilians were injured when a house fire erupted Sunday morning in North Philadelphia. It happened around 6:00 a.m. on the 1600 block of North 20th Street.

One firefighter is in critical, but stable condition while the other two firefighters and the four civilians are in stable condition. The Battalion Chief ordered all firefighters out of the building around 6:15 a.m. and extra medics were requested at the scene. (LINK)

Hopefully, the firefighters will make full recoveries.


June 29, 2010

Philadelphia is expected to end the arrangement that permits federal immigration agents to scrutinize the city’s computerized list of arrests, including country of origin and other data, Everett Gillison, the deputy mayor for public safety, said Sunday.

Immigrant advocates say the year-old agreement between the city and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, known as ICE, has resulted in deportation proceedings against immigrants arrested on even minor charges. Under the agreement, ICE agents can routinely access the city’s Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS). That agreement is up for renewal on Thursday.

“It is the mayor’s view that the PARS agreement should not be extended,” Gillison said, speaking at a South Philadelphia church meeting attended by more than 300 immigrants and their supporters. LINK

My good friend Wyatt beat me to the punch on this one but great minds think alike. In this case we are in lock step agreement. Philadelphia’s liberal Democrat Mayor Michael Nutter has just thrown every single law-abiding citizen of Philadelphia (what few we have left) under a bus fit for Barack Obama to drive. In fact he is taking a page right out of the anointed ones play book. The Democrats not only condone illegal immigration in direct violation of our nations laws they actively promote it as in this case. Most laws are meant to have a deterrent effect. By openly announcing you won’t be enforcing a law you are advocating for its violation. It’s that simple.

Philadelphia is a poor city (even though it shouldn’t be). It’s poor mostly because of the policies of the Democrat party that is firmly entrenched here and has been for a couple of generations now. It’s poor because of gross mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, patronage and all the other usual crimes of bad government. In short the Democrat party’s political platform.
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October 19, 2006

Here is a nice shot of Engine 29. This is their new truck a 2005 American La France 1500gpm pumper. The truck is parked outside of the Constitution Center in downtown Philly. Captainden


October 1, 2006
Well as Philadelphia’s murder toll is about to break 300, I have some serious questions. Ready? What’s up in the BLACK community. Come again. Huh? That’s right, you heard me. WHAT’S UP IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY??? Cause’ as I see it (Granted I am a white boy) there should be nothing but milk and honey flowing through the streets of North & West Philly. Shall we take stock of the situation? We have a BLACK Police Commissioner & Fire Commissioner. A BLACK Mayor. City Council at least 7 BLACK members at last count. That’s pretty good representation for a city that’s MAJORITY (52%) BLACK. Instead there were “multiple gun battles” out west over the weekend according to the news. Excuse me? Multiple Gun Battles? Were not talking about Al Anbar province are we? We’re talking about the 5th largest city in America. Now I know the mainstream media’s solution to all the gun mayhem is to disarm the “rest” of us, but I don’t live in fantasy land. The rest of us are law abiding citizens. Just stop with that nonsense. My block is as heavily armed as any one in any other section of the city. Does anyone know how many people were arrested for gun crimes this year who had gun permits? Less than a handful. None that I know of. But of the people who WERE arrested for gun crimes, how many of them had criminal records? Nearly all. Do the research. The Inquirer occasionally publishes the statistics, usually when they have to. (Like to back up another aspect of this ongoing story) It seems that the vast majority of Philadelphia’s murder victims are black. That in itself should spur our local government into action. But what is the real kick in the teeth is that the murders aren’t whites, brown’s reds or blues. Their BLACK as well. The killers of your friends and family members are coming from your own community. For that you should be outraged. That YOUR elected representatives will not do anything to help you while you are being gunned down in the street is a CRIME!! I know that the WHITE community would not stand for it! If White people were being killed at the rate of 300+ a year there would be hell to pay. Instead the Democrat Party, that has ruled Philadelphia for 50+ years has NO SOLUTIONS! They have put African Americans in power only to abandon you. But we all know come November they will come round asking for your vote and pledging to “Work to find a solution” And lets be clear- The state Legislature, RIGHTFULLY SO, will not grant Philly the power to enact their own gun laws BECAUSE THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED! They have shown they can’t run any of the following: The School District, the Parking Authority, The Housing Authority the City’s Finances, the Police Department, the Fire Department, or the Airport! So there is no way they will grant them power over one of our Constitutional Rights. Lets face it-the Police Department is so badly managed that the rate of solved murders is down to somewhere in the vicinity of 60%. So not only are the murderers killing people by the bushel, they are getting away with it!!! What I find strange is that there is a awful parallel between our crime problems and the Democrat party’s approach to the war on Islamofascism. They have NO plan as far as I can tell to defeat the terrorists except to bug out. Likewise they have NO plan to stop the mayhem right here in our own city. This isn’t Baghdad brother. 300 bodies. Philadelphia. NO EXCUSE FOR IT! CaptainAmerica


September 29, 2006
Well my kids came home from school the other day with the new School District of Philadelphia calendar. My wife loves it because it has all the half days, teachers meetings and test weeks clearly marked. I on the other hand have a problem with it. It seems that some months are dedicated to ethnic minorities like: Sept.-Hispanic Heritage month. Nice. February- as always: African American History month. Go on… Lets see here…May-Asian Pacific-American History month. Huh? Who knew? What’s this…Uh ohhh. October. This is going to be a problem. GAY AND LESBIAN HISTORY MONTH. Are you kidding me? This is on a GRADE SCHOOL CALENDAR? Now don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t have anything against any group of this or that. Everyone is an assh*le to me until proven otherwise. That means I treat everyone as an individual and I either like you or don’t based on your merits. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is up to you. I wish you much happiness. But lifestyles are not all the same. I don’t necessarily agree with them all and want no parts of some of them. I also do not want alternate lifestyles foisted upon my family, especially my children. I also think its beyond the pale for the Government in its capacity of the school board to endorse any lifestyle over another. I’m sorry but equating sexual preference with ethnic heritage is way out of line. I think its fine to acknowlege and celebrate our own cultural and religious backgrounds. It really is what makes our country strong. But sex is and should be a private matter. Why would you advertise this as Gay History Month to children who aren’t old enough to understand what sex is? Clearly there is an agenda to mainstream homosexuality and the younger you start the easier it is. Isn’t that the arguement with Joe Camel? Using cartoons to market cigarettes to kids so we create a new generation of smokers. So I am taking the school district to task here. One more thing: I’m still trying to figure out what month is European-American History Month. CaptainAmerica