Looking back Burt Reynolds wasn’t really as cool as we all thought he was. But the 77-78 Trans Am’s WERE! This car was bad azz even though it wasn’t a product of the muscle car heyday. Few performance cars made after the 1973 Arab oil embargo delivered much in the way of performance especially throughout the rest of the 1970’s. The EPA mandated smog equipment and the publics desire for fuel economy in the immediate aftermath was a disaster for American muscle cars. There were a few exceptions and the Pontiac Trans Am was one of them.

This car immortalized in “Smokey & the Bandit” became one of the most legendary Hollywood screen cars ever and is still widely loved in the muscle car community. It’s combination of stylish good looks, creature comforts and raw horsepower showed a fast car didn’t have to be an enormous engine stuffed into an uncomfortable crate. There have been successful updates to some of our best classic muscle cars recently. Why not the Trans Am?



  1. Andrew says:

    I had a poster of this car on my wall as a kid – it was my favorite. My dad had a ’77, but had to sell it when my siblings and I came along hah.

  2. drjim says:

    I never cared for the gold-on-black, and I absolutely HATE the T-tops, but a new T/A based on the new Camaro would be pretty spiffy.
    Too bad GM killed off Pontiac.

    • I hear ya but it is just so AMERICAN to me I love it T-Tops and all.

      • drjim says:

        My thought goes to what I used my 1973 T/A for, and that was SCCA road racing. Cutting into the roof like that, even with all the extra bracing added during a *proper* T-top installation, absolutely ruined the handling of the car when pushed to the limit. Just made it too much of a flexy-flier!
        Boulevard cruising on a warm summer night with the tops off is a different story.
        And the young ladies really dug it, too!

      • Ingineer66 says:

        A friend of mine had a Monte Carlo with a T-top. Now that was a fun car to cruise in.

  3. Bob G. says:


    All you have to say is PONTIAC…or FIREBIRD…or TRANS-AM…
    I. Am. THERE.
    Always nice to see the “Screamin’ Chicken”…LOL!

    Love the “concept” car…just wish it would be AS INEXPENSIVE as my ’83 was when I got it new – $11K and change.

    (R.I.P. Pontiac…we will NEVER forget)

    Well done.

    Stay safe out there.

  4. bredberg says:

    I think that the 68 t/a was an amazing car i think the gold on black worked greate for lthe car…..

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