The cool thing about the Duster is that it was cheap enough that a used one could be bought easily  by many high school kids. When I was in high school you saw Dusters in every neighborhood and often they were the first muscle car a kid ever owned. Read more about this classic American muscle car here: LINK


  1. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, but they were Chryslers… Great motors, but the rest of the car sucked! Especially the brakes!!!

  2. Bob G. says:

    I used to want one so bad…and for $1600 (new), that wasn’t such a shabby deal.
    But I wound up getting a ’68 Buick Special w/ a 350 CID motor and a 2bbl carb.
    It used to EAT Dusters along Delaware ave..And that was with a 3 spd slushbox.
    Guess that 10 cubic inches DID make a difference.


  3. Jimbo says:

    Im at work and the computer has frozen 3 times in the middle of typing a long (to long) story. Heres the just of it.

    My dad started a landscape co in 1980
    My brother owns the company now, and still mows her lawn.
    He hubby bought a 70 duster new.
    She sold it to my brother over the phone for 3500, he never even looked closely at it before.
    Turns out, her hubby blew the 340 a couple years after buying it, he was a mechanic and opted to replace it with a 1971 Cuda’s 426 HEMI.

    Needless to say, fastest car I have ever driven…
    ….scary fast. And I mean nightmare scary!!

  4. Jimbo says:

    I meant to say my dad started the landscape co in 1980 with Mrs. Brannekey as on of his first customers…..

  5. My buddy from high school had one! THAT was a great car! We used to do donuts in the Spectrum parking lot every time it snowed.

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