February 10, 2013

City Council Deadbeat SquadSix Philadelphia City Council members want to address the the city’s biggest problem: tax deadbeats.

The members are new to the council, so expect them to be brought into line by the end of the week, if not sooner.

Six council members first took office a year ago — four Democrats and two Republicans — and they have now joined together to propose a series of hearings on tax deadbeats.

“There’s money to be collected. And we need to go and get it. And we need to do a good job in going to get it. There’s no reason that Philadelphia should be at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to collecting these resources,” says Eighth District Council woman Cindy Bass.

Nutter Administration estimates that the city is owed $518 million dollars in back taxes dating back a decade. About half of that amount is delinquent property taxes. (LINK)

And almost all of the deadbeats are the “chosen people” of Philadelphia: liberal Democrats who put most of these council members into office.

Kabuki theater: It’s not just for the Japanese anymore.



July 22, 2011

As the debt ceiling debate rages on this is what conservatives are up against. The insane, failed fiscal policies of the left are still being pushed by the Senate and Harry Reid. After the Chrysler bailout cost American taxpayers over a BILLION DOLLARS is there any further reason to take these people seriously?

The U.S. government recovered $11.2 billion of the $12.5 billion it loaned to  Chrysler under Washington’s multibillion dollar rescue of the American car  industry. The Treasury Department, which ended Chrysler’s rescue with the sale of its  6 percent stake in the company to Italian carmaker Fiat, said on Thursday it  recovered 90 percent of the money.

Assistant Treasury Secretary for Financial Stability Tim Massad said that  despite the $1.3-billion lost by American taxpayers, the bailout was a major  accomplishment for the federal government because it helped save a million jobs  in what was considered the worse economic crisis faced by the U.S. since the  Great Depression. LINK

You have to love government math. 1.3 BILLION to “save” 1 million jobs. Made up statistics and fuzzy math doesn’t make economic policy. We are in DEEP trouble folks. Better call your congressman and tell them NO DEAL on the debt ceiling. We are just mortgaging our children’s future if we allow the status quo. DON’T TREAD ON ME!


March 6, 2010

OH MY GOD!!! AHHHHHHHHHH….KA-BOOOM! Once again the sound of my head exploding echos through the neighborhood.

Take a look at your federal stimulus tax dollars at work. Take a good hard look. But first wrap your frigging skull in duct tape because I guarantee it’s going to explode. You heard of $700 toilet seats from the Pentagon? $500 hammers? That’s amateur hour compared to this. Pictured above my friends is a three thousand dollar trash can courtesy of the City of Philadelphia and Uncle Sam. That’s right. It costs a lot of green to go green.

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