OH MY GOD!!! AHHHHHHHHHH….KA-BOOOM! Once again the sound of my head exploding echos through the neighborhood.

Take a look at your federal stimulus tax dollars at work. Take a good hard look. But first wrap your frigging skull in duct tape because I guarantee it’s going to explode. You heard of $700 toilet seats from the Pentagon? $500 hammers? That’s amateur hour compared to this. Pictured above my friends is a three thousand dollar trash can courtesy of the City of Philadelphia and Uncle Sam. That’s right. It costs a lot of green to go green.

This is the “solar-powered” trash compactor that sit’s on the corner of 6th & South St. outside the firehouse. As you can see it hasn’t been doing much compacting lately. In fact the one across the street looked pretty much the same. I talked with one of the fellas at the station and he related a little story to me that goes like this: when he has the late night watch he gets to see the sanitation workers empty these “compactors”. Apparently according to the sanitation workers these cans are the biggest scam going. They don’t seem to compact anything. They pull out an oversize trash can inserted into the container and empty it like an ordinary can. WDH?

So this caused me to do a little research. Since the Nutter administration has literally gone nuts introducing a $300 a year tax for residential trash pick up in the city, I was duly intrigued. Since these “compactors” are all over center city any more I thought I should check them out. And what I found out is cause for a duct tape alert!

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia Inquirer:
City gets $14.1 million energy grant

October 9, 2009 06:00 AM

The grant program sets specific core areas where the money could be used – building retrofits, conservation programs, and energy audits, for instance. Within that, Gajewski said, city officials picked projects “that were either under way and needed additional funding, or programs that were in the wings that we wanted to use as opportunity to get off the ground.”

The city’s 500 BigBelly solar-powered streetside trash compactors have proven so popular since being introduced last spring that the city plans to spend $973,000 to buy 260 more to place along commercial corridors.

Vandalism has been minimal – graffiti and a car hit is about the extent of it – and the city has saved fuel and employee time, because the bins have to be emptied twice a week instead of five times.

Now 973,000 divided by 260 equals approximately $3,742.00 PER CAN!!! These cans are being bought and paid for with tax dollars at a time when Mayor Nutter wants to implement a 2 cent per ounce drink tax for sugary drinks and a $300 a year residential trash pickup tax. This is ostensibly to close a 125-130 million dollar projected budget deficit! But wait it gets better.

These new taxes come at the same time the city’s real estate tax bureau (Bureau of Revision of Taxes) has been dissolved in a scandal of uncollected millions in revenue and unqualified patronage workers. With national unemployment at 10%+ and Philly unemployment WAAAAY higher than that we have another liberal, tax and SPEND INTO OBLIVION DEMOCRAT administration fleecing residents while pissing away money on “Green Trash cans”! AHHHHHHH!!! KA BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

You have to click this link (BIG BELLY ) to really get an idea how we are being abused by these nuts. This is the same administration that closed seven fire companies last year yet can come up with millions for trash cans??? I dare anyone to defend this insanity!

Just remember what we were told about this stimulus money. Remember shovel ready? Remember jobs saved? How many jobs can you save with a $,500 trash can? This is just insane. I put a fire out in one of these compactors last week. What is the maintenance cost projected to be on these over the years? The city can’t afford to maintain our fire trucks (mine has been waiting on a ten-hour job to fix a serious air leak) for weeks now.

Who is going to be fixing these cans- Union trash compactor mechanics? When the old wire baskets were set on fire by one of the Zombies who roam our streets endlessly they just cleaned out the burned up trash and put new bags in it. No problem. Didn’t cost much and the environment is still pretty much in tact. Now they are wasting our money faster than it can be printed.

Good God almighty are we in trouble. 



17 Responses to PHILADELPHIA’S $3,750.00 TRASH CANS

  1. Crusty says:

    Do I see a made in China tag on that door?

  2. USAdmiral says:

    You have to wonder when and how all this insanity is going end. It is not going to be pretty either. The mess will be huge.

  3. Jason says:

    wow. Your article makes for great headlines but you didn’t get one fact right. Not the price, not the source of funds, not the value the product delivers, nothing. What a fool.
    These cans do compact, the city has reduced 12 collections a week, and is saving money, fuel, reducing truck traffic and CO2 emissions. There is always going to be the stray incident like the pictured. that front door should be locked, that is all illegal household trash pictured that has no place on the street. You say you did some research? you should be on FOX NEWS, first reach a conclusion, and then selectively find facts to support it. Nice work.

    • Dear Idiot, I mean Jason:

      FIRST – The price I quoted is actually LESS than what they list for elsewhere. Duh. I arrived at that price using the numbers FROM THE ARTICLE. Treehugging assclown.

      SECOND – I looked at many other websites BEFORE I posted this because I couldn’t imagine even OUR liberal idiots would pay that much for a frigging TRASH CAN! Ah, but I was wrong.

      I commented on EXACTLY what the Inquirer said, so your liberal ass has a beef with a liberal newspaper. Conveniently you still managed to trash FOXNews. To my knowledge they haven’t had to retract any stories for plagerism or lies lately. That would make them The New York Times.

      THIRDLY – These cans were roundly criticized on tree hugging web sites because – get this – apparently compacted trash doesn’t break down like un-compacted trash. Who knew. Not you, jerk. Now you do. You can thank me for schooling you since you are too insipid to do your own homework.

      FOURTH – The savings from these cans is greatly exaggerated because of the price of the UNIONIZED WORKERS used to collect the trash in the first place. Those workers are still on the payroll (just re-assigned) so the cost is still there. You could easily save that kind of money using normal wire baskets and CONTRACTING OUT the collection. Oh no, NOT THAT! What about the poor unionized workers? Blah, blah, blah. Spare me. I could take this contract and MAKE money. Also nowhere in the article does it mention the cost to MAINTAIN these eco-monstrosities. Unionized solar trash can repairmen…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      FIFTH – There were MANY cans around town I saw that had the same type of trash piled up around them. So they are actually making the area look WORSE. Duh. The zombies see these trash cans and dump their trash next to them. I only took one picture to illustrate the point. This will only GET WORSE when our illustrious Mayor implements a $300 a year TRASH COLLECTION FEE! Dope.
      So there you have it. Unlike you, I actually DID MY HOMEWORK.

      The next time you see fit to trash me you better bring your “A” game, creep. Run along now, you’re late for your Obama rally.

  4. Ingineer66 says:

    That movie just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. This is the kind of idiocy that is going on all over the country. Spend more money on feel good things that we cannot maintain.

  5. Ingineer66 says:

    I guess the garbage man did not get the text message from the can in your top photo that it was time to be emptied.

  6. Old NFO says:

    And they’re STILL not emptying them… gotta love the Philly unions… sigh…

  7. Jason says:

    Capt. America,
    I am a proud Republican. NOt interested in the least in enviroment. Still, you price is wrong. The savings are real. All trash is compacted before it goes to landfill…usually by the truck AFTER it is collected…by compacted first, it can be picked up less frequently. The savings are real, the reduced truck traffic is real, the reduced CO2 is real.

    …and you are ignornat.

    • Dear Tool: I gave you FACTS and a reference link. The reduced traffic is a straw man, as these cans are emptied at around 1-2 am as I stated in my entry. There is no traffic at that time of the morning. As a conservative I AM interested in the environment only in a REAL, PRACTICAL sense, not voodoo science. The savings are illusory, again as I stated, as the employees were not ELIMINATED just TRANSFERRED. Labor is always your highest cost, so by not eliminating it what are the real savings? Some diesel? Hardly worth the offset if the cost to MAINTAIN these Rube-Goldberg cans is high (no doubt). And CO2 is naturally occurring so why would I care about that?

      Thanks for playing.

  8. Wyatt Earp says:

    Cap, Jason is a seminar caller/troll. He is a Republican like Adam Sandler is a master thespian. Don’t waste your time with him.

    • Yeah I kind of had him pegged. His utter lack of factual rebuttal was a dead give away. It’s been a while since I trashed a troll so thoroughly so it was just his turn. Feels kind of good. Imagine his pathetic existance…pity. There is something very emasculating about being a left wing, tree hugger. Thanks to my editor as always!

  9. Dustoff says:


    Quit while YOUR ahead. You just got you A$$ handed to ya.

  10. Dustoff says:


    Nice smack down Capt. (-:

  11. URSIS says:

    More like a “bully beatdown!” LMAO!!!!

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