April 23, 2010

Since we all know the Eagles will be mediocre again this year and the draft is a bore, why not spend some time on what really counts in major league sports, CHEERLEADERS!

You can’t tell me this isn’t more exciting than the combines! Who wants to watch some big sweaty guy run around little red cones anyway? It’s a shame we don’t have a cheerleader draft. Can you imagine fantasy football with cheerleaders? Ok that’s enough.

The real victory in this post was my ability to get the code right and have it post successfully!



January 11, 2009


Dare to believe? The Birds put down a rebellious Giants team today buy old fashioned hard work and determination. Once again Donovan McNabb did just enough to not blow the game (Although a 4th quarter phone call on the Giants sideline was about as bizarre as it gets even for McNabb). He was lucky that it didn’t do any real damage.  *Note to Donovan- If you act stupid and draw needless penalties your teammates will do the same. Your supposed to be the leader out there. Act like it.

The defense played PHENOMENAL ball today. The Giants went for it time and again only to be stood up like an ugly prom date. They were flying around the ball and once again provided the turnovers necessary to derail the Giants momentum. Next up: Arizona. I’m going out on a limb and predict an Eagles victory and *GASP* a Superbowl appearance. I don’t think Arizona is ready for Philly’s defense and if McNabb plays an even game as he has of late it’s an Eagles rout. There I said it. GO BIRDS!


January 4, 2009


YES THEY DID! The Birds beat the Vikings 26-14 in Minnesota tonight. It was in typically brutal Eagles fashion. They couldn’t get in the end zone for much of the game relying instead on SUPERSTAR KICKER David Akers monster leg for four field goals.

Brian Westbrook eventually broke a 70 some yard screen pass free for the Birds only OFFENSIVE touchdown of the game. That’s right- the KICKER put more points on the board than the QUARTERBACK did. Donovan McNabb to his credit didn’t collapse and turned in a decent performance, but for my money he is no superstar.

Once again the defense played out of it mind especially Brian Dawkins who has really stepped up late in the season. Some of his hits remind me of Andre Waters. BONE CRUSHING. The defense rung up one touchdown when Asante Samuel intercepted a pass and ran it back. Next week- the stinking NY GIANTS!

Should be interesting. I predict a Birds win. E-A-G-L-E-S!


December 29, 2008


How about them Cowboys??

Look don’t get me wrong. The Eagles are the worst team in the league to be a fan of. Hands down, no questions asked. We suffer with Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid like a bad case syphilis.

As Eagles fans we really want them to win. We  have invested enough Sunday afternoons watching BAD football to have the right to complain and we do. We give our undying support to this team (When others don’t) through thick and thin and in return we want winners. If we don’t get that we BITCH!

The coach is a dope and the quarterback stinks. But you know what? They made the playoffs and that is reality. There are plenty of other teams out there that didn’t and that’s a fact. Did they catch lightning in a bottle for a minute? Maybe. If history is any indication we can expect McNabb to choke at the exact moment we need him most. But what if he doesn’t?  AND THAT “WHAT IF” IS WHAT SPORTS FANDOM IS ALL ABOUT!

Do they stink? On any given Sunday you betcha!

Did the just EMBARRASS Dallas and put 44 points on the board? Yeah man.

So for the moment I will keep my Eagles Jersey handy. (Was wearing the green today) and keep hope alive.

It still beats being a Dallas fan!


December 16, 2008


EAGLES CHEERLEADERS: 1000 miles an hour standing still.

Ok, so the Eagles won last night and before I get any grief, here are the cheerleaders as promised. Now with that out of the way, it’s safe to say the Birds are going to drag us kicking and screaming into the last games of the season. This is so typical of the Eagles and why it’s so damned hard being a Philly fan.

The team just about self destructs mid-season because of stupid unprofessional play, only to claw their way back into the running near the end. We should be totally out of it, so we fans can find better things to do with our Sundays for the rest of the season. But no. Like a car wreck, we just have to keep watching lest we miss something. Now there is a chance the Birds could make the playoffs. Unreal.

Last night’s game doesn’t require too much review. They beat up a woeful Cleveland Browns team that they were expected to beat. Fine. It was a Monday night game, but it lacked the hype of a normal Monday night affair.  When the Eagles play a worthy opponent like the Giants or Dallas it’s really a lot more fun. It will be interesting to see if the Eagles can pull off a playoff spot. Until we know, the agony continues.


December 9, 2008


Okay, everyone out there who reads this blog gets an “F.” NO ONE called me out for not posting the Eagles Cheerleaders this weekend. In case you missed it, the Eagles HUMILIATED the stinking NY Giants thanks to Plaxico Burress’ prowess with a gun! What exactly is a “Plaxico,” anyway? I digress.

Ritt finally called me on it, so I guess SOMEONE cares. Usually Wyatt would have NEVER let something like that slip, but now he’s got so many rug rats running around that these things are bound to happen. So good call, Ritt. Are you just keeping me honest or do you have a thing for cheerleaders?


November 28, 2008


It’s a formality at this point, but here are the Eagles Cheerleaders. Last night’s Thanksgiving game was just proof the the NFC West is a fraud. The Cardinals were supposed to be good. What does it say when they come east and get sha-lacked by the woeful Eagles – who just a few days before had benched their starting QB? The Eagles also hadn’t scored an offensive touchdown in 19 quarters prior to gametime. Brian Westbrook looked like a hall of famer, scoring four touchdowns. Yet with second and about forty, Andy Reid opts for a running play from deep in the backfield. Ugh! So, it was a win, but at this stage of the game I doubt it means much for the Eagles future.


October 27, 2008

There are days like this that remind those of us still living in this city just exactly why we hang in here. This weekend the Flyers beat the Jersey Devils twice snapping their losing streak. The Phillies beat Tampa Bay twice in the World Series. The Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons 27-14 and the WHO played at the Wachovia Center. No city in America can lay claim to a weekend like that. It is simply one of the best weekends we have had in years and one for the history books.

How crazy is it that they were chanting for the PHILLIES at the EAGLES game?

Now that’s cool. Since the Eagles won, once again I’m posting their Cheerleaders. Why risk a jinx?

BIRDS 40, 49ERS 26

October 13, 2008

Even though the score would have you believe that this was a commanding victory, don’t be fooled. The Defense came through to save the day for the Birds after the offense sputtered a number of times. But a win is a win, so today I’m posting the Eagles Cheerleaders.


September 21, 2008

Ok folks, to the winners go the spoils! IGGLES Cheerleaders to celebrate a brutal win. How does a team that manages to put up 38 points against the Cowgirls last week manage only 15 against Pittsburgh? (2 from a safety.) I’ll tell you. It’s Philly. We play down to whomever happens to be on the schedule in any given week. But a win is a win.