18 Responses to FIREBIRD PROJECT

  1. I finally managed to create this page but as usual I’m not smart enough to get the order right. Until I figure it out start at the bottom.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Leave it as is. Looks good, just it’s from recent to older.

  3. allrtee says:

    She’s gonna be purrrrrrty! 🙂

  4. Guy, I love real cars not what they started to put out in the late 70s through the 80s. What ford called a Mustang in the 80s made me want to toss the cookies. The Firebird is a car that refuse to give in. Very cool. keep it pretty.


  5. Matthew W says:

    Ahhh, The “Jim Rockford” special !!!!

  6. drjim says:

    What engine is in it?

  7. Fredric says:

    so whats the story
    are u selling it?

  8. tlcr says:

    Nice to see some are taking full advantage of the American Dream. Excellent work. I used to be into cars myself. Now I’m into motorcycles (cheaper and easier to work on).

    Rock on and Stay Free!

  9. spencer98 says:

    whats cool is you should put it in a car show….thats what me and my dad do every sunday is put his 52′ buick in the car shows….nice car by the way man

  10. Bob G. says:

    From a fellow Firebird owner (’83 – had it for 26 years, going on 27) I bow to your persistence, perspicacity, and willingness to do the difficult in order to get a QUALITY ride.
    Keep ’em running!

    Many happy miles to ‘ya!


  11. […] used and very abused, and restored it himself. He’s got a page over at First In that’s full of pictures documenting the restoration. Great job, […]

  12. Doug Halber E/12C says:

    Nice job on the fb a had an 84. But sold it to buy my wife a ring. Now I have an 02, making the way I wanted to do to the 84.

  13. Pat says:

    Hi I found your site looking to see what Bubba Watson’s General Lee looked like and then I saw your Firebird project. I had a 72 Formula 350 in high school with the snorkel hood. That hood was suprisingly heavy, and mine was a rust bucket too. It was fun to drive and got me a lot of dates.

    Pat in Fla

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