February 6, 2012

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March 12, 2011

Dayton’s News Source :: Top Stories – Civil Service Board Announces Police Recruit Scores.

At a time when it seems like Philadelphia is firing one police officer a week because of corruption, Dayton is looking to create a low quality but politically correct police force. You know what that means, a police force that “looks good” rather than performs well. For years Philadelphia and other big cities have been pressured by the forces of the left and the forces of political correctness (bolstered by the Justice Department) to lower their standards in order to hire and promote unqualified minorities. A policy that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor endorses.

This kind of government sanctioned racism has ripped the heart out of once proud departments across the country. Look at my previous post and you can see how the left has now set their sights on the military for this kind of social engineering. The result has been devastating to cities and taxpayers: People who never should have been allowed to wear a badge and strap on a gun have cost MILLIONS in lawsuit payouts and in many cases have allowed criminals to go free because of unreliable court testimony or evidence.

Whats worse is that minority officers who do work hard and earn their positions have to constantly suffer the stigma of being a “quota hire” because of the poor performance of those hired due to their demographic category. Their achievements are cheapened as a result. Police officers are supposed to hold a high status in our society because without them on the front lines our society falls apart. Police work is not a profession for incompetent, corrupt, racist, lazy, ineffective, cowardly or just plain dumb people. Dayton would best serve its citizens best by recruiting and hiring the best and brightest people for the job, not the most colorful.


June 17, 2010


Cherry Hill Township laid off six police officers today, after negotiations with the police union broke down. “The township is in a financial crisis,” said Dan Keashen, spokesman for the mayor’s office. “We didn’t get the concessions we needed, which are not unlike what other townships have offered.”About half of the towns and cities in New Jersey are expected to lay off police officers this year, according to the New Jersey Policemen’s Benevolent Association. The layoffs, and reductions in other government services, have followed cuts in state aid to municipalities. The announcement of the layoffs in Cherry Hill comes during prolonged negotiations in which the city has proposed to freeze the pay of its 133 police officers. LINK

Well the Obama administrations stimulus plan is again proven to be nothing more than a rip off. It’s a sham and a lie and that’s now settled science. Despite what Obama, “Slow” Joe Biden and the rest of the insaniacs in Congress keep saying, Police Officers around the country are being laid off, furloughed and fired in record numbers. My father lives in this area of New Jersey so you can say the impact of this administrations incompetence does impact me. The safety of my family is always an issue for me.

We have to keep in mind that the 700 billion-plus the Democrats looted from the US treasury hasn’t done anything close to what they claimed it would. While cops and firemen are being laid of the government is HIRING census workers at a record pace. The best part of this? They are celebrating! The government is out of control.

BREAKING — OBAMA, BIDEN DECLARE “RECOVERY SUMMER”: Vice President Biden today will kick off “Recovery Summer,” a six-week-long push designed to highlight the jobs accompanying a surge in stimulus-funded projects to improve highways, parks, drinking water and other public works. Biden will present President Obama with a report laying out a spike in stimulus activity this summer, and how it will contribute to a steady climb to a total of 3.5 million Recovery Act jobs by the end of the year. Biden, Obama and other administration officials will travel to more than two dozen Recovery Act project sites in coming weeks. Tomorrow, the president will travel to Columbus, Ohio, to mark the groundbreaking of the 10,000th Recovery Act road project, around Nationwide Children’s Hospital. On Monday, Biden will travel to Midland, Mich., for the groundbreaking of the new Dow Kokam advanced battery manufacturing facility. LINK 


July 28, 2009


Federal stimulus grants to be announced today in Philadelphia by Vice President Biden and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will pay for the hiring of 93 law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania, including 50 in Philadelphia, a White House official said last night.

New Jersey cities will get funding for a total of 123 officers, including 18 in Trenton and 25 in Paterson, said the official, who was not authorized to speak for attribution.

The money will come from a competitive program set up as part of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, enacted in February but not announced in terms of grant recipients until now. Biden and Holder will be joined in a morning news conference at City Hall by Mayor Nutter, Gov. Rendell and Gov. Corzine. LINK

Hey, if Joe Biden trips in the woods and falls down and no one looks is he still the Vice President? Sadly, yes.

Slow Joe is here in Philly today, along with a slew of other weak-kneed, dimwitted, Democrat politicians to crow about Philly getting federal “stimulus” money to hire more police. This at a time Mayor Nutter is threatening to LAY OFF police officers, firefighters and any other city employee he sees in the hallway of City Hall.

He is making these threats at the same time he is begging Harrisburg for an INCREASE in Philadelphia’s local sales tax, from an already higher than the rest of the state 7% to 8%. Is there is anything else he could do to make Philly LESS attractive for businesses and citizens? If there is he just hasn’t stumbled across it.

This big charade is supposed to make us think Obama’s grand illusion of printed up stimulus money is actually making the economy better. It’s not. What these frauds won’t tell everyone at the presser and the state run media won’t ask is how long will the federal government pay for these “Clinton Cops.” Remember Bill Clinton’s 100,000 cops nonsense? Same thing. Philly is getting 50.

Three years is all they are funded for. Then the federal subsidy dries up and the cops either get laid off or the city doesn’t hire any more until the LOSE through attrition the 50 cops that this stunt pays for.

This is really becoming an Obama psycho circus. This administration is like a bunch of spoiled children determined to get their way at any cost. They are absolutely going to do what they want, no matter how wrong it is. It will take a generation to repair the damage inflicted on this country by Obama.


July 23, 2009


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) – The white police sergeant criticized by President Barack Obama for arresting black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. in his Massachusetts home is a police academy expert on racial profiling.

Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley has taught a class on racial profiling for five years at the Lowell Police Academy after being hand-picked for the job by former police Commissioner Ronny Watson, who is black, said Academy Director Thomas Fleming.

“I have nothing but the highest respect for him as a police officer. He is very professional and he is a good role model for the young recruits in the police academy,” Fleming told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The course, called “Racial Profiling,” teaches about different cultures that officers could encounter in their community “and how you don’t want to single people out because of their ethnic background or the culture they come from,” Fleming said.

Obama has said the Cambridge officers “acted stupidly” in arresting Gates last week when they responded to his house after a woman reported a suspected break-in. Link

Just a few short weeks after throwing American firefighters under the bus by nominating quota queen Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, President and messiah in chief Barack Obama has now publicly done the same to American police officers.

A day after an obnoxious and disorderly militant friend of the President was arrested, Obama couldn’t help himself. During a prime time news conference that was supposed to be about HEALTH CARE, he took a question about an incident that resulted in his friend and Harvard Professor Henry Gates being arrested.

Obama admitted up front that he didn’t know the details of the incident but nevertheless went on to say the Cambridge police “acted stupidly.” He also said blacks and Hispanics in America have a history of being stopped disproportionately. My question is disproportionate to what? The amount of crimes they commit? No, probably not… Gates wasn’t stopped for anything. The police were at his house checking out a reported burglary!

Today all the facts come out. It seems that the police officer who made the arrest is a by-the-boo sergeant who teaches racial profiling classes at the police academy. He was hand-picked for the job by the Police Commissioner (who happens to be black)! Hardly the stereotypical RACIST COP ENGAGING IN RACIAL PROFILING! It also appears after looking at the arrest report that this obnoxious professor not only deserved to be arrested he probably should have been maced and Tasered as well.

Unfortunately the police department, as usual, is afraid to appear politically incorrect and immediately dropped the charges. Meanwhile, the professor defames the sergeant’s good name by publicly calling him a racist cop. I hope he sues him, big time.

The point to keep in mind is that the President should have said, “I have no comment as I don’t know all the facts.” But he didn’t. He took up for his radical friend who was way out of line, and played the race card once again. Even after the facts came out that the police officer acted correctly and was doing his job, the White House still stuck by the President’s comments. Robert Gates tried telling us the President didn’t really call the police stupid after we all heard him do so.

It’s pretty twisted what is going on with this administration. President Obama’s comments are what we hear every time a black felon gets arrested for a heinous or otherwise infamous crime. Despite overwhelming evidence of guilt, we get defenders saying how good the person was. President Obama owes every hard working police officer in America an apology for his disgraceful comments. It’s time someone tells him he’s not just the President of black people and his friends. He’s the President of the United States of America.

1 ADAM 12, 1 ADAM 12, 2-11 IN PROGRESS

March 24, 2009



Catch a cop show over the past several decades and these strings of numbers barked over police radios might sound familiar:

“1-Adam-12, a 4-15 fight.” …”We have a 9-11. Armed robbery in progress.”

Or in the words of the bumbling Barney Fife: “Mayberry Unit No. 1 over and, uh, Roger. Roger. Out and under. 10-40. Bye.”

But many real-life police departments are ditching the digits, replacing the lingo with plain English.

In Dallas, that means so long “7,” hello “minor accident.”

Today, the Dallas Police Department moves to a new plain-language system that’s supposed to make communications more universal and less complicated. No more of those distinctive radio codes or signals.

The department says it’s following a nationwide trend, but some call it the end of an era. LINK

BY: CaptainAmerica

I thought this was kind of funny. The end of radio code is seen as a major deal in Dallas. I guess old habits do die hard after all. The fire service doesn’t have much use for radio codes (at least not in my neck of the woods). It’s always been a cop thing to me. When I did a detour in law enforcement years ago, I thought it was pretty funny when they handed me a list of about fifty radio 10- codes that I had to memorize. I knew right away I was too goofy to pull that off. Today most police departments are going to plain English and I think that’s a good thing. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely in your mother tongue should be viewed as a requirement for police and emergency services.

I remember while I was in the Army a guy didn’t make Sgt. because the board thought he lacked a “command voice”. It was true. He was a very quiet guy. Smart, great disposition but you just couldn’t hear him. Not the best thing on a battlefield. They told him to practice some more and try again. Today he probably would have retained a lawyer. But in their way the board was stressing an important element of command – and that’s communication. Not only do you need to be heard but you need to be understood when lives are in danger.

Plain English is fine on the radio. You develop an ear for the back and forth traffic. When we get rookies in the firehouse they sometimes don’t understand how you can be on the other side of the kitchen with the TV on and twenty guys laughing and carrying on all kinds of conversation – yet know that a job is hitting in over the radio. It’s because you know the rhythm of what’s being said as much as the content. Normal radio communications have a certain flow, a pattern. Abnormal conversation also has a pattern. If you hear the patterns long enough you begin to pick out what’s important and what’s not. Something out of the ordinary jumps out at you and gets your attention.  Otherwise, you would go crazy trying to pay attention to every transmission or word.

I’m sure Dallas will be just fine after they ditch their ten codes. I just hope the switch to English. Know what I mean?


June 24, 2008

Jesus Christ, not again.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― A Philadelphia police officer, who was shot while chasing a robbery suspect in the Bella Vista section of the city Tuesday, spoke about the ordeal hours after being released from the hospital.

Two undercover cops, Officer Mark Uffelman, 52, and Officer Dave McAndrews, were on patrol near 8th and Christian Streets when they noticed an apparent armed robbery in front of a PNC Bank at about 1:30 a.m.

Ramsey said both officers began pursuit of the suspects, who fled the scene on foot. One of the suspects was immediately taken into custody and a 9mm handgun was recovered.

Police said the second suspect turned and fired on Officer Uffelman, a 29-year veteran of the force. The suspect reportedly fired all six shots from a .38 caliber handgun, one of which struck the officer above the left elbow.

Despite the injury, Officer Uffelman was able to chase down the suspect, taking him into custody and recovering the weapon.

“I was closing in on him and I guess he knew he was out of bullets and I wasn’t out of bullets,” said Officer Uffelman. “So he just threw the gun over a fence and tried to hide under a car and it went down pretty smooth after that.”

Uffelman was taken to Jefferson University Hospital and was released several hours later. Neither McAndrews, nor Uffelman fired a shot during the incident and both said they were just grateful it didn’t have a different outcome.

Charges are pending for both suspects, identified as John Massa, 22, and Rankin Thabart, 42, both of Camden, New Jersey. Both men remain in police custody and face attempted murder, aggravated assault and related charges.

Investigators are running ballistics on both weapons recovered at the scene to determine if either was used in the death of 23-year-old aspiring teacher Beau Zabel. Zabel was fatally shot during an apparent attempted robbery near 8th and Ellsworth Streets on June 15.

Officer Uffelman’s father, Charles, who was also a Philadelphia Police officer, was killed during a carjacking on Columbus Boulevard in October 1978. The suspect, Frederick Hammer, was previously acquitted in the death, but was later arrested for a triple murder in North Carolina and is suspected in two additional deaths. (LINK)

It’s amazing that P/O Uffelman was able to apprehend the man who shot him. Thank God the officers were not seriously hurt.


June 21, 2008

Oh, boo hoo. It could have been worse: the officers could have been Jehovah’s Witnesses.

LAKEVILLE, Minnesota (AP) — A Lakeville man says he feels violated after two police officers woke him up at 3 a.m. to tell him his door was unlocked.

Their surprise visit was part of a public service campaign to remind residents to secure their homes to prevent thefts. Usually, officers just leave notices on doors. But they went further in Troy Molde’s case on Thursday. Police entered the house where four children under 7 were having a sleepover, and then went upstairs to Molde’s bedroom.

The officers told Molde his garage door was open, the TV was on, the keys to his truck were left in the ignition and the door to his house was ajar.

A police spokesman says the intrusion was justified because the officers’ initial door knocks went unanswered, and they wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. (LINK)

Agreed. If they did nothing, and found the family dead the next day, the entire department would be crucified and sued.

Besides, if the officer looked like this, there wouldn’t be a problem:


November 6, 2007

I wanted to take a second to thank my brothers in the Philadelphia Police Department for all the help they give us out there on the streets, day in and day out. I say brothers because we are probably the two departments in the city that are joined at the hip. Unlike some cities where the Police and Firefighters are at odds, (Never could figure that one out) Philly cops and firemen are pulling oars in the same boat and have a longstanding respect for each other. We really get along out on the streets. The few times I have ever had a problem with the police was usually either due to a misunderstanding or some lone assclown. I’ll be the first one to say we have our share of numskulls so sometimes things happen. But by and large we always have police hang in the firehouse when they get a chance. We always try to make sure they get a cup of coffee or some dinner, warm up in the winter or just shoot the breeze.

I say this because twice this past week while working my crew needed assistance from the police and both times they were there in a flash and backed us up to the maximum. The first case involved a lunatic who was vandalizing a lounge area next to an office building and threatening to set things on fire. After he became belligerent and threatening toward us (Nearly getting himself a concussion) I exercised some discipline and restraint and called the police. They took him in for a variety of charges after he started raving the he was conducting “Police Investigations” and had evidence that WE were the ones who should be arrested. I am quite certain that left to his own devices he quite possibly would have started a fire at some point that night. Call it a gut feeling.

The second incident involved our Paramedics calling for a “Police Assist.” They only do this when under threat of bodily harm. Apparently they were sent on a call for a Maternity case. As it turned out the location was a local “Gay” theater. When they entered the establishment, the only people in there were running for their lives out the front door screaming “He’s coming”.

The female Paramedic decides it would be prudent to follow them and her male partner (A trainee) wisely followed. As it turned out they were being pursued by a 300lb naked man who was raving mad. They barely made it back to the ambulance and locked themselves in. The man set about trying to break into the squad beating on it and screaming until the police arrived and took him into custody. The female medic is about five feet tall and was pretty shook up. Her partner was bewildered at what his chosen profession has in store for him if this is how it starts off.

Of course after everything was under control this was the source of monumental laughter at the expense of the medics. Firemen are funny and the jokes began almost immediately: “So when you guys were running up XXXX street, who was in the lead?” Or “You act like you were never chased down the street by a naked fat man before.” “Heck half the guys in this firehouse were chased around by a naked man at some point.” Actually it wasn’t funny, but humor keeps us from getting too worked up and restores the balance.

The police weren’t too pleased with this guy. Aside from the fact that it was about 0430 and cold outside, he was a drug crazed, uncooperative naked lunatic. He had to be threatened several times before he would submit to being handcuffed. People who criticize the police have never tried to handcuff a 300lb naked guy on a cold night on a dark street while every else is home sleeping, safe and sound. You’ll never hear that from me.
Thanks guys.


October 18, 2006
I know it’s a late posting but I thought anytime a cop gets shot it’s worth posting, late or not. As usual the violence in our city knows no restraint.
Officer, 2 Bystanders Shot Following Bank Robbery(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA A Philadelphia Police Officer was shot Tuesday morning while responding to a report of a bank robbery in South Philadelphia. An officer pursuing two men suspected of holding up a PNC Bank near 3rd Street and Packer Avenue was involved in a shootout with the suspects. Police said the officer shot and wounded one of the suspects before both men were taken into custody. The wounded gunman was taken to Hahneman University Hospital. His condition was not immediately available. The officer suffered a graze wound to the lip and was transported to Jefferson Hospital with non-life threatening injuries police said. A 31-year-old woman sitting in the living of a nearby home was also wounded and taken to Jefferson Hospital. Police said the woman was shot in the ankle and her injuries do not appear to be life threatening.Police said a second officer was treated for an ankle injury. Detectives are investigating the bank robbery and shooting.
Thankfully no serious injuries to the police or civilians. Nice work by the officers. Stay safe fellas.