October 20, 2012

Remember when the Obama campaign started calling Charlotte’s Bank of American Stadium “Panther Stadium” to distance itself from the Wall Street fatcats representing the 1%? It seems their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Obama For America took out a $15 million loan from Bank of America last month, according to the campaign’s October monthly FEC report. The loan was incurred on September 4 and is due November 14, eight days after the election. OFA received an interest rate of 2.5% plus the current Libor rate.

Warren Buffett, Obama donor and namesake of the infamous “Buffett Rule,” invested $5 billion in Bank of America last year in an effort to help the ailing financial institution. Last month, two weeks after OFA took out the loan, Bank of America announced a plan that would lay off 16,000 workers by the end of the year. (LINK)

I wonder if those laid off workers will be voting for The One?



August 13, 2012

It’s the soup de jour of the Obama administration. Consider the remarks he yesterday at a Chicago fundraiser:

“Too many folks still don’t have a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. And so, the question in this election is which way do we go?” President Obama asked at a fundraiser in Chicago on Sunday.

“Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?” Obama asked. “Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?” (LINK)

Shared prosperity? Is he on crack? The man has no idea what America is all about.

The fact that this man refuses to acknowledge the facts – that his policies got us into this mess – is inexcusable. Can you imagine what this country would look like after another four years of Barack Obama?


May 9, 2012

President Obama doesn’t even have the courage to “come out” and endorse gay marriage even though he clearly supports it. The guy simply doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. The fact is that he talks out of both sides of his mouth on this (and most other sensitive issues). Here he sounds like he supports marriage as defined as the union between a man and a woman just like THE PEOPLE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

Yet as the controversy builds we are fed a line that his position is “evolving”. Really? He’s a grown man. What is it about this issue that needs to evolve for him? For the record, just because you support the traditional definition of marriage (between a man and a woman) doesn’t mean you have any animosity towards those in the gay community. Straight couples have every right to stand up for their beliefs like everyone else.


March 22, 2012

No matter the context his words are his own.

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March 15, 2012
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Take a good look at this video from CNN’s website. The MSM infuriates me to no end. Anymore it sickens me when news agencies run stories like these . The utter hypocrisy of CNN is staggering. On one hand, they decry the horrible brutality and barbarism of regimes like that of Bashir Al Assad. Surely they ran this video because they want someone to DO something, right? But who? The US, of course. Yet they DESTROYED George Bush for trying to do EXACTLY what they want done- eliminate a dictator and institute stability, human rights and the rule of law. The exception of course is Beta Man (BHO). His do nothing while pretending to do something foreign policy (see Egypt and Libya) is much more palatable to their delicate sensibilities. Read the rest of this entry »


March 2, 2012


General Motors has temporarily suspended production of its Volt electric car, the company announced Friday. GM, which is based in Detroit, announced to employees at one of its facilities that it was halting production of the beleaguered electric car for five weeks and temporarily laying off 1,300 employees. A GM spokesman told The Hill on Friday that production of the Volt would resume April 23. 

“We needed to maintain proper inventory and make sure that we continued to meet market demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said in a telephone interview. Lee noted that sales of the Volt were higher in February than they were in January, and added that California recently decided to allow the electric car to qualify for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in the state. “We see positive trends, but we needed to make this market adjustment,” he said. LINK

Ok so it’s bad enough that Chevy has conspired with the Obama administration to foist this failed flaming-fuse box car on us. It’s bad enough that the Obama administration has wasted billions of tax payer dollars bailing out GM and the UAW. It’s criminal that the Obama administration has saddled our children with trillions in debt because of their “green energy” schemes. But you know what ticks me off the most? It’s the outright lies they tell and the MSM prints with no vetting or criticism.

“We needed to maintain proper inventory and make sure that we continued to meet market demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said

Really Chris? Proper inventory? As far as I can tell the lots are full of UNSOLD Volts because no one wants an OBAMACAR! The Volt is a failure as will be any electric car that doesn’t get 200 miles on a charge and can be fully re-charged in less than an hour with batteries that last ten years.


February 20, 2012

That pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? Have a great week.


February 10, 2012

Lets get something straight: it is so important to remove Barack Obama from power next election that I will vote for a ham sandwich if the Republicans nominate one. All the consternation over who is the most conservative candidate is a waste of time this time around IMHO. Normally I agree that is what we should do. But this election is a life changing event for us and our children. The difference is what kind of America we leave to them- one that is free and prosperous or one that is impoverished and socialist. We need to nominate the person who can most likely defeat Obama. Period.


January 9, 2012


December 17, 2011


Former National Security Advisor Jim Jones called today for quick action on the Keystone XL pipeline construction, directly opposing the White House he worked for only a few months ago.
Jones, who rarely speaks in public and almost never contradicts his former boss President Barack Obama, lashed out against the administration in a press call and warned of grave consequences to U.S. national security if the project to build the pipeline doesn’t move forward immediately. The call was sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute and Jones was joined on the call by API President and CEO Jack Gerard.

“In a tightly contested global economy, where securing energy resources is a national must, we should be able to act with speed and agility. And any threat to this project, by delay or otherwise, would constitute a significant setback,” said Jones. “The failure to [move forward with the project] will prolong the risk to our economy and our energy security” and “send the wrong message to job creators.” LINK

When is a “shovel ready job not a shovel ready job”? Apparently when it’s oil related, good for the economy, our strategic defense and long-term energy policy. After trillions of dollars in government bailouts, failed stimulus programs that haven’t created a single job and with unemployment over 10% President Obama is determined to cave in yet again to the radical environmental left. If he gets his way he will kill the Keystone pipeline and with it thousands of American jobs. It’s pretty clear the this President is not only clueless as to how to actually create jobs but is actively working to PREVENT job creating in the first place. Can you imagine? Whats worse is if we don’t go ahead with this project, the Canadian government will move forward and guess who will take our place? The CHINESE!

Obama’s whole economic plan revolves around so-called “green” energy schemes that don’t work and taxing the most successful among us (Millionaires) as if that will have any impact on our fourteen TRILLION dollar debt. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue but is prepared to run us over a cliff in order to pursue his radical ideology. His socialist agenda has failed at every turn. The green economy is a farce. His tax policies are designed for one thing only, class warfare. This is a guy who admittedly looked to the likes of Jon Corzine for economic advice and has a tax cheat Timothy Geithner as his top advisor. Corzine has admitted he DOESN’T KNOW where BILLIONS of dollars went. Are you kidding me? I get pissed off if I lose track of ten bucks. But then again I work damned hard for my money like most Americans.

Seriously who is still defending this guy?