HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the Hatch Act on February 25th. Since she was found in violation last week, not one question – not one – has been asked of Sebelius about the incident, which was deemed founded by the ethics office. I’m shocked.

A review of transcripts by The Daily Caller indicate that no questions have been asked by the reporters who cover the president about Sebelius during official White House briefings or gaggles since Sept. 12, when the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said in a report that the cabinet secretary violated the Hatch Act earlier this year.

It’s still up to President Obama whether Sebelius should keep her job or face some sort of punishment after being found in violation of the Hatch Act.

The ethics office said Sebelius violated the law on Feb. 25 while delivering a speech to Human Rights Campaign while serving in her official capacity as cabinet secretary. In her speech, she called for Obama’s re-election, and the election of the Democratic candidate for governor in North Carolina. The Hatch Act prohibits certain civil servants in the federal government from engaging in political activity on the job. (LINK)

Any chance Obama will punish Sebelius for breaking federal law? No, I didn’t think so.


2 Responses to LAWLESSNESS IN THE D.C.

  1. The Working Class Conservative says:

    Come on Cap you know the press and Obama are in lock step. No bad press. I wonder how big a rug you need to sweep all this shit under it. DOJ Corruption Sebelius fraud.and more. Time to issue an eviction notice. Oh and Michele take that lame ass garden your husband NEVER ate from with you.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Nah, nothing to see here, move on… she’ll never be prosecuted or even get her hand slapped….

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