I guess none of us should be surprised.

City Council passed a $3.6 billion budget Thursday, officially delaying Mayor Nutter’s planned property-assessment reform for at least another year, while nonetheless raising property taxes 3.6 percent. The hike – the third property-tax increase in three years – would raise $20 million for the nearly insolvent School District of Philadelphia.

Coupled with $20 million from an increase in the use and occupancy tax on businesses, which Council approved last week, the district would receive $40 million in new money from the city in the next fiscal year.

That falls short of Mayor Nutter’s goal of raising $94 million for a district already facing a $218 million deficit. (LINK)

The school district’s financial crisis is entirely of Nutter’s own doing. This man gave a $1 million bailout to former school superintendent Arlene Ackerman, and now he wants us to foot the bill. I guess he never considered collecting the millions in unpaid taxes from the thousands of his deadbeat Democrat electorate. That would be silly.

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  1. The Working Class Conservative says:

    As a once greatb city turns into a barren wasteland. Squidword keeps trying to fund social programs for the “Poor” Big fail on his part

  2. Bob G. says:

    No one ever said this basket-case excuse for a mayor was the brightest crayon in the box when it came to ACCOUNTING 101…right?
    Utterly amazing and stupid…for even a Dumbocrat!

    Roll safe out there.

  3. Mike47 says:

    Look at a majority of the electorate for the blame… whole lotta stupid goin’ on in Philly! (And elswhere… like CA where I live.)

    • Dustoff says:

      I feel for ya Mike. I work for San Diego fire rescue until the 1990’s when I moved to WA state. I knew our retirement system was in real danger with all this nutty spending.


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