This weekend the girl and two of her classmates competed in the National History Day competition. Having won first and second place in Philadelphia, they moved on to the state level competition. This year the event was held at Cumberland Valley High School located in Mechanicsburg Pa. CVHS is an amazing facility that more closely resembles a college campus than a local high school. It has every resource any kid would need to successfully pursue their education. The girl and one classmate competed in the individual documentary category. The other young man submitted an essay.

Friday they had their initial presentation and interviews. After their documentary there is a Q & A session. Then you wait to see if you will move on to final judging. We were ecstatic to learn both Liz and Thomas made the final state-wide cut for their documentaries. Only the top six documentaries move on to final judging. This was an incredible achievement for two kids from one class to place in the top six statewide and a first for their school. No one from her middle school has ever made it out of the first round.

On saturday the final announcements listing those moving on to nationals was made. Unfortunately for our kids it was the end of the road. Still we are extremely proud and happy about the kids hard work and effort to make it as far as they did. Making it into the top six statewide is nothing short of incredible and a reflection of how much hard work went into their projects. As a parent I am as proud as I can be. I know Liz and her classmates will go on to achieve great things in life and this experience will help show them the way. Posted is Elizabeth’s documentary: Silent Screams.

Awesome job Liz, love dad.


9 Responses to NATIONAL HISTORY DAY 2012

  1. Old NFO says:

    Congrats to both of them, and tell them we’re proud of them too!

  2. ilcorago says:

    Great job, guys! As a tour guide who works here in Philadelpha, I’m really proud of what you’ve done with this bit of Philly history. Your film was engaging, well written and creative. You’re winners in my book!

  3. Bob G. says:

    Making it to STATE is a damn fine achievement!
    They have nothing at all to regret or feel bad about…they “done good”.

    (must have excellent parents who help teach them)
    Gotta be it.

    Roll safe out there.

  4. schlegel says:

    Respekt Elizabeth – Eine großartige Leistung.
    Oma und Opa sind stolz auf Dich und wir
    lieben Dich sehr.

  5. Schlegel says:

    Respekt Elizabeth – tadellose Leistung Oma und Opa sind stolz auf
    Dich und wir lieben Dich sehr

  6. URSIS says:

    Great Job!!!!!

  7. Radicalron says:

    EXCELLENT JOB Elizabeth !! Cap, you and the missus have every right to be proud of her after watching that. I know college graduates that could not produce something that compelling and well done.

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