City Commissioners asked City Council Monday for more money to give a raise to poll workers and to pay for an education campaign about the new voter ID law. The office’s budget request for fiscal year 2013 includes a $1.5 million increase over its current $8.9 million. Since 1999, poll workers have been paid $75 to $100 for a long day’s work, Stephanie Singer, chairwoman of the Office of the City Commissioners told Council during a budget hearing. Singer proposed increasing pay to $152 based on a prevailing hourly wage of $10.88 for 14 hours, which would cost the city $1 million.

“I realize that’s a large number, but our poll workers deserve it,” Singer said. Survey and data analysis related to Voter ID’s would cost $100,000. City Councilman Bill Greenlee agreed that poll workers should be paid more but said the proposed state budget cuts may impact the city’s social services and he could not say whether Council could support the proposal.

Meanwhile, the Department of Human Services asked for an extra $930,000 to fund debt service for the Juvenile Justice Center; the Department of Public Health requested $1.2 million more to continue anti-tobacco and anti-obesity efforts related to the Get Healthy Philly campaign and the Office of Supportive Housing requested an extra $1.2 million to, in part, increase staff by 10. LINK

More obscenity coming out of the administration’s departments. How do you justify these budget requests? How does City Council even entertain the frivolous waste of taxpayer dollars like this? While firehouses remain browned out we are considering giving a MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS to POLL WORKERS who sit at a table and drink coffee and eat doughnuts all day a couple of times a year? 

They need more money to “educate” voters to do what they should already be doing, showing their ID when they vote. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I have been showing my ID for years. Tell you what- they can make up cardboard signs and place them at the doorway of the polling place that say: NO ID- NO VOTE. The office of SUPPORTIVE HOUSING wants TEN more people? TO DO WHAT? Who even knows what they do or why we have an office of supportive housing. Honestly, I think I’m going to be sick. This is insanity.



  1. Cs says:

    City Council offered 3.8mil to basically end the brownouts, what did the admin say? We all know it. We have fought hard for two years about the fire brownouts it’s time to include the 12 paramedic unit’s that don’t operate at night.

    • Chris- they have hammered that issue over and over. How many medics have lost their lives? Each issue gets its due attention. No one is happy about medic units being closed. But we are losing fire companies and guys are getting maimed and killed because of it. Right now thats the bigger issue.

  2. spayandneuterallleftists says:

    Obamanomics in action. Ever notice that all of the cities having problems are huge cities which have been under Democrat control for years? As for poll workers deserving a raise, if they’re truly doing their job why does Philadelphia lead the country in voter fraud every year? It’s become a vicious cyle in Philly. Elect Democrats through voter fraud, waste taxpayer dollars while offering diminishing services (Police, Fire etc.), elect more Democrats through voter fraud, repeat ad infinitem. Government & the entitlement mentality are killing American cities. As the Fire Dept. & Police Dept. budgets shrink lives will be needlessly lost also. I do not miss Philadelphia. Take care Cap, trust God & He will keep you safe. God doesn’t diminish His blessings due to waste & fraud.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Luckily you guys just got awarded a nice, fat contract and … Oh, never mind. Get bent, Nutter!

  4. Bob G. says:

    Oh, they’d HAVE the money (and then some)…IF they did away with all the damn “freebie” programs for the unwashed masses (so-called poverty-stricken…gimme a break) too damn lazy to do anything but suck on the taxpayer’s teat.

    ALL these politicians ought to be held guilty of TREASONOUS activity against the (taxpaying) citizens AS WELL AS the first responders and public safety officers in the city.

    As long as these mooks remain in power…all of those mentioned are AT RISK.

    That’s no way to run a city (except into the ground).

    Stay safe out there.

    • Cs says:

      I guess the moarle of the story is, there IS money. Money to provide adequate fire and EMS coverage. I’m sitting here watching fox29 cover a crumbling building but not our struggling department.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Too much going to ‘entitlements’ and admin salaries, as usual…

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