Murder victim Danny DeGennaro. Where is the outrage?

Three Trenton men who believed that Levittown musician Danny DeGennaro had drug money in his possession are in custody, charged with first-degree murder in the botched robbery attempt, Bucks County authorities said Friday. Breon Powell, 21, of West Hanover Street, surrendered to Bristol Township police Friday afternoon and was arraigned on charges of murder, robbery, burglary, conspiracy, and possession of a weapon, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said. LINK

While the whole country wrings its hands over the Trayvon Martin case, those of us who understand the real problem with crime and murder in America just shake our heads as we read about the murder of Danny DeGennaro. You expect the usual race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to whip people up into a frenzy whenever they get the opportunity. But here in Philadelphia our own Mayor Nutter called the killing of Trayvon Martin an “execution”. While we don’t have all the facts in a case that happened hundreds of miles away in Florida, here in our own back yard a real execution did in fact take place. Where is the outcry Mr. Mayor? Where is the lip biting, righteous indignation? Where are the marches? Where are your tears for Danny? After all I am Danny DeGennaro…

In this case four African-Americans WENT TO THE HOME of Danny DeGennaro, armed, with the SPECIFIC INTENT to rob or extort him. They tried luring him outside. When that plan failed they just broke into his home and killed him in cold blood. The facts will obviously be disputed and the accused lawyers will try to mitigate their involvement or culpability. We’ve heard it all before. But this story is more typical of crime in America than the Trayvon Martin case will ever be.

You have to love the fact that the Inquirer is reporting that the murder suspects “believed” DeGennaro had “drug money”.  I guess the Inquirers intrepid reporters interviewed them right? Or did the police leak that information? If so why? Is it to cast Danny DeGennaro as somehow less worthy of media hype and coverage than Trayvon Martin (who we are only recently finding out about). Nothing to see here folks… move along. The MSM seemed to have George Zimmerman all figured out within days of that incident, yet we are still wondering about the real Trayvon a month later. Why did it take a month to learn about Treyvon’s seeming penchant for Marijuana and disciplinary record yet within 48 hours of these arrests Danny Degennaro is already being painted with a broad brush.

You get the idea. It’s horrendous when anyone is murdered for any reason. But our mayor and the rest of the race mongers cry out with selective indignation over Trayvon Martin. Our mayor is so concerned about racism in Florida yet he ignores it within his own fire department. With 400 murders a year in Philly our mayor should worry more about the minority on minority crime right here in Philly than minority on minority crime hundreds of miles away in Florida.



  1. James Power says:

    Danny DeGennaro’s murderers were apprehended as soon as the police were aware who those murderers were.

    Trayvon Martin’s murderer is known to police and the police have given him a 100% free pass.

    Can you provide any relevant correlation of injustice between the two cases? If it’s solely because DeGenarro’s murderers were black and Trayvon Martin, a murdered child, was also black, that says a lot more about your “race baiting” mentality than anyone elses.

    Again: Justice is being served in one case (DeGennaro’s murderers apprehended), which is why people are not outraged. And justice is being denied in another (Martin’s murderer not being arrested), which is why people ARE outraged!

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Our homicide count here is currently at 92 … on the 93rd day of the year. Our do-nothing mayor is decrying a killing that happened hundreds of miles away. Really? Physician, heal thyself.

  3. flyersfan444 says:

    White people would be protesting too if they weren’t so busy working and supporting their families.


  4. Robbie says:

    This post is so awesome that I’m rendered speechless ! You said exactly what I’ve been thinking to the tee !

  5. ingineer66 says:

    There were 3 young black men murdered in separate incidents in Chicago over St. Patrick’s day weekend. Did they each look like President Obama’s son? Did he call their families to offer his condolences?

  6. Bob G. says:

    Well said…!

    Roll safe out there.

  7. dustoff57 says:

    Everyone notice how NBC/CBS & CNN did their best to make Zimmerman look guilty.

    Truth, yea right.

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