Judge orders Philly to pay Boy Scouts almost $900,000

By Catherine Lucey

The City of Philadelphia must pay nearly $900,000 to the Boy Scouts for legal fees after failing to evict the scouts from their headquarters over antigay policies. A federal judge on Wednesday denied the city’s request for a new trial in a case that has lasted nearly a decade. Mayor Nutter said the city was reviewing the opinion, calling the $877,122 bill a “significant expense.” The city tried to avoid a giant payout by proposing a deal last year in which the local Cradle of Liberty scouts group would buy the building at 22d and Winter Streets for $500,000 and forgive the legal fees. But legislation to authorize the deal languished in City Council after gay-rights advocates complained.

Bill McSwain, the scouts’ attorney, said the scouts “would have been happy” with the deal. The city tried to evict the scouts over the national organization’s policy of excluding gays, but the scouts sued. Ever since the scouts’ legal victory in 2010, the two sides have been trying to work out a settlement. Nutter did not say what options the city was considering. But he stressed that the city did not condone the scouts’ national exclusionary policy. “We do not as a city support that kind of behavior,” he said. “We’ve tried to take a number of steps to get the Boy Scouts out of a city-related building.” McSwain said the local chapter had never discriminated. LINK

Ok I’ve been involved with the Boy Scouts since my son has developed a love of scouting. Like most things our children get involved in, it takes a lot of parental support to make it a success. From dads who coach little league or Pop Warner football to moms who taxi the kids to endless soccer or lacrosse tournaments, we dedicate our time to enrich our kids lives and  help them grow into decent, respectable members of our community while having a little fun along the way. 

With the prevalence of todays drug and gang culture, the media glorification of sex and violence and the disintegration of the family as a stabilizing force in many kids lives, any program that keeps our youth safe and focused on constructive activities is worth its weight in gold. Except in Killadelphia. Philadelphia is one of the most violent cities in the nation. We are on track for another record-setting homicide total this year. Our Mayor, Police Commissioner and District Attorney are not only powerless to keep the citizens safe, they are clueless as to where to begin. Hell our police force doesn’t even have the manpower to catch a serial tire slasher currently terrorizing our neighborhoods let alone catch the hard-core gangster murderers preying on the defenseless among us.

So with this as a backdrop, the Nutter administration has decided to try to destroy the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia because they don’t allow openly homosexual men into the organization. (Maybe the scouts have taken a lesson from the Catholic Church scandal). Make no mistake about it: the Boy Scouts are a non-profit organization and are entirely within their rights of free association to limit membership to those who endorse their values. PERIOD. The city knew this when they sued the Boy Scouts and their crushing defeat in court was entirely expected. The filing of the lawsuit in the first place was a reckless and irresponsible expenditure of scarce taxpayer funds, funds that must now be paid out to settle the Boy Scouts legal bills. This suit was pushed by the gay rights lobby as part of their increasingly militant agenda to infiltrate every aspect of American life, from marriage to religion to who we can associate with. Can you imagine a Mosque being FORCED to admit Jews? Of course not. Let’s be serious. The Black Panther Party isn’t going to be admitting white folks any time soon. In some respects this is still America. This decision also illustrates why local city governments can’t be left alone to regulate our rights. 

So as the murders go on, the beleaguered police can’t begin to keep maniacs on ATV’s and dirt bikes or vandal tire-slashers from terrorizing our neighborhoods. Instead they spend nearly a MILLION DOLLARS, money that could be used for emergency services, on trying to destroy an organization dedicated to developing our youth into solid citizens.

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