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Due to the proliferation of IPHONES with advanced video ability we are seeing more incredible video every day. In this clip M-50 has just been broadsided while responding to an emergency call. Traffic accidents are yet another hazard we face every day. Responding to emergencies through busy city streets while avoiding every obstacle thrown into your path can be treacherous to say the least. After years of emergency vehicle responses you become hyper- alert, constantly looking in all directions, trying to avoid some unseen road hazard or vehicle.

Despite this incident our accident rate is astonishingly low when the total number of emergency calls and miles logged is taken into account. The men and women who staff our ambulances and fire trucks as well are the best in the business. As you can see bystanders and police officers assisted the crew out of the flipped unit. That’s always comforting to see. Say a prayer for the speedy recovery of all involved.



  1. Jim Curtis says:

    Done, and that DOES bring back memories of my close calls… shudder… Thankfully, I never was in an accident with either a Fire or EMS rig, but I did have a few close calls!

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Holy crap, dude! What a nightmare.

  3. Cs says:

    All companies will come to a COMPLETE stop at ALL intersections, red lights and stop signs. All members will wear sear belts while responding.

  4. Bob G. says:

    (as I used to say in Philly whenever I saw something like this…”Helluva park job”.)
    Cripes almighty.whjat was the driver of that car thinking other than “oh, sh*t”?
    Hope everyone recovers without incident.

    Nicolas did a good job shooting this.
    Good to see everyday people getting in there and assisting the PPD.

    Prayers to those involved.

    Roll safe out there.

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