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Take a good look at this video from CNN’s website. The MSM infuriates me to no end. Anymore it sickens me when news agencies run stories like these . The utter hypocrisy of CNN is staggering. On one hand, they decry the horrible brutality and barbarism of regimes like that of Bashir Al Assad. Surely they ran this video because they want someone to DO something, right? But who? The US, of course. Yet they DESTROYED George Bush for trying to do EXACTLY what they want done- eliminate a dictator and institute stability, human rights and the rule of law. The exception of course is Beta Man (BHO). His do nothing while pretending to do something foreign policy (see Egypt and Libya) is much more palatable to their delicate sensibilities.

But alas, the United States is weak. The oppressed people of this world can no longer count on the righteous and moral authority of the United States coming down on evil despots like Assad. We are bankrupt, the Obama administration is in the process of eviscerating our military and can no longer claim to be the defender of the oppressed. We are being marginalized on the world stage by our enemies who flaunt their defiance and undermine our efforts both economic and diplomatic at every turn. They sense indecisiveness in the White House. The perceive weakness. They understand and advance our financial ruin.

So what point is CNN trying to make by running this story? Is it not essentially the same story as what played out in places like Iraq? Afghanistan? North Korea? Egypt? Libya? Myanmar? Of course it is. The details may vary somewhat but the story line is still the same: A vicious madman is slaughtering his own people as they rise up against him after years of oppression. Since people outside of America aren’t free and have no Second Amendment rights, they are at the mercy of the ruling power and the military (who work for the ruling power and want to make sure they stay on the payroll). Throw in a liberal dose of ethnic or religious hatred and wa-la you have all the necessary ingredients for a national holocaust. And the United States of America is powerless and indifferent to the slaughter.

This is the legacy of the left. Instead of destroying our enemies as we did in World War II we try to “rehabilitate” them. No longer can the United States muster up the intestinal fortitude to go to war against evil and win the peace. No longer can we say “what you are doing is wrong, stop it or else…” Now we form committees, open up dialogue and pretend to levy sanctions. As if they ever work. Diplomats wring their hands while the children climb over bodies. There was a time when America stood for something. I hope it will again someday.

Until then the band plays on…


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