Is it just me or does Pennsylvania House Bill 934, the voter-suppression, I mean, voter-identification law, feel oppressively like a modern-day poll tax? Today, the House is expected to pass the bill, which would require that every voter produce a government-issued photo identification at the polls. Gov. Corbett can’t wait to sign it – just in time for the November election. Hmmm. A law supposedly written to safeguard against unproven voter fraud smells like obstructionist trickery to me.

It wasn’t that long ago that African Americans were subjected to a series of voter-suppression tactics that prevented them from even registering in the Jim Crow South. Included were straight-up intimidation, literacy tests, and a “poll tax” imposed on any voter who dare try and cast a ballot. LINK

OH NO! IT’s Jim Crow all over again!

Ok you get the gist of this idiotic column by the Philadelphia Inquirers resident race complainer Annette John-Hall. Who knew getting a job as a MSM ‘journalist” required so little intellectual honesty? As this video clearly points out, if the simple act of showing identification was so racist, race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have latched on to this a LONG time ago. No cigarettes or alcohol without ID…

Fact is the left champions fraud and theft if it advances their agenda. Whether it’s theft of tax dollars through fraud by groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood or voter fraud by means or fraudulent registration, carousel voting, ballot box stuffing or voting by dead people (a Philly staple), it’s no wonder the lefts mantra is “By Any Means Necessary”. Ironically the left supports “Motor Voter” laws and efforts (automatically registering people when applying for or renewing DRIVERS LICENSES)! Ha! What hypocrites.

The Obama Justice Department is crying foul and suing several states over their efforts to protect the integrity of elections. This is the same Justice Department that refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for obvious voter intimidation right here in Philadelphia. See the pattern?

Face it the only reason anyone would resist a voter ID law is to maintain the status quo of fraud. Since that is a time-honored tactic of the left you see why they are howling mad. Make no mistake- NO ONE who wants to vote legally will be denied their right. The state will provide ID for anyone who doesn’t have it. What this will do is preserve one of the most precious institutions in America, FREE and FAIR elections. I show my ID every time I go to vote and have NEVER seen any problems with this process. This is what makes the left so abhorrent to many of us. They would have the dead, prisoners, illegal aliens and everyone else not qualified to vote controlling our elections if they had their way. I urge you to call your representatives if your state doesn’t have a voter law and encourage them to pass one. If they are trying to get one then support. Otherwise you’ll have the Philly logic take over- Vote early and often!



  1. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    Of course they’re going to fight it. Dead people have the right to vote don’t they? And what about convicts? Illegal aliens? Face it, the left & Democrats can’t win a straight up honest election & they know it or they wouldn’t have to resort to dishonest tactics to win. Oh, & Cap if you haven’t yet heard Benedict Arlen has a new book coming out that tells how BHO, Biden, & Dingy Harry Reid threw him under the bus instead of coming through on their promises. Mikey Smerconish hardest hit. Have a nice day!

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Damn you; you stole my topic! I’m posting about the O’Keefe Vermont voter fraud video at 4pm.

    • Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

      Sorry Wyatt. Didn’t mean to steal your thunder. I’ll leave the next Specter Sympathy tour update for you. Have a nice day!

  3. Old NFO says:

    Not to worry, Holder will sue the state to stop it from being enacted… sigh

  4. Steve Montemuro says:

    You don’t need ID In Minnesota either…they did an infuriating video there too!

  5. Bob G. says:

    Brilliant post…and comments!!!

    And hey, doing crap like THIS is the ONLY way the Dumbocrats CAN get elected these days…
    (not anything like the JFK era)

    Lie, cheat, steal, falsify, obfuscate…ALL part of their playbook.

    Woe to citrizens who are too STUPID to see this
    (unlike all of us…)


    Roll safe out there.

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