After Super Tuesday, I think it’s time to put the Republican nomination to rest. Mitt Romney should rightfully be the next Republican candidate for President of the United States. He has, in my opinion, won the right to face Barack Obama this fall. Let me explain this a bit: it’s not that I’m in love with Romney as a candidate. I’m not. In fact I’m not in love with ANY of the candidates running for the nomination. I think I am like most conservatives taken with a piece of each of them. I like Ron Paul when he talks about monetary policy. Beyond that he’d be a terrible President. He’s off the reservation on way too many other issues, like national security for example. I kind of like Rick Santorum for his pro-life and values platform. But he wears his religion on his sleeve and I am voting for President not Pope. Mostly I like Newt Gingrich as I believe he is by far the smartest guy in the room (and that includes Obama). But he has a lot of baggage and that does matter. Plus he’s a terrible politician. He tends to be too undisciplined for me. He leaves himself wide open and vulnerable to often. We want another Ronald Reagan and there just isn’t one. We can’t dwell on it. We must endorse the most conservative candidate WHO CAN WIN.

That leaves Mitt. Yeah, he’s a bit too liberal for me. Yes, he suffers from rich guy syndrome sometimes.  But I believe he is a decent, intelligent, honest, incredibly hard-working and competent man. His coat brings more to the table than Obama does in person. He has a record of accomplishment and I believe his financial background would be an enormous plus for our country – especially now. More importantly, he is not Barack Obama. Obama must be defeated this fall: period. This next election is the most important in our lifetime. It will determine what kind of country we leave our children – a free, prosperous and strong America, or a socialist, bureaucratic, bankrupt shell of a once great nation. Unlike the last two nominations (McCain and Dole) the Republicans had a free and fair contest with plenty of candidates vying for the nomination this time around. Mitt has done what it takes and the others have fallen short. By no means am I an establishment guy. I’m a Tea Party supporter. But fair is fair. The other candidates have done their best but the voters are speaking clearly and now it’s time for the others to do the right thing and the classy thing – concede. To prolong this contest when it’s unwinnable is not decent. It hurts all of us. That’s wrong. As we grow weaker the opposition grows stronger. I’ve made up my mind. Time to do the right thing, gentlemen.



  1. Captain I am beginning to feel the same way as well. My fantasy ticket is Paul Ryan and Allen West but, that is not going to happen here. We have Mitt Romney who knows how to operate a business and a Payroll and whom has some conservative values. If Obama is reelected we are finished.

  2. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    No thanks. I will write in a conservative who truly gives a damn before I go for the Smerconish approved Stupid Party candidate. Romney will be routed even worse than McCain was. Count on his campaign to pick another Smerconish approved RINO for the V.P. slot too. I’m sick of being told by The Stupid Party numbskulls who I should vote for every four years. Romney is EXACTLY who the left want running against BHO. Those who can’t see this are only fooling themselves. I put my faith in God, not politicians. We are not finished until He says so.

    • The Working Class Conservative says:

      Ken are you still listening to Smerconish? I gave him up when he endorsed Obama.

    • Ken- I think you are completely wrong on this one. The GOP voters have had clear choices this time around unlike before. All BHO needs is for people like you to cry in their beer this time around. Do you think the dems would adopt that strategy? Of course not. It’s equivalent to taking your ball and going home. If our party voters decide Romney is the guy then we need to support him otherwise we really lose. The next President will pick TWO Supreme Court Justices. If your OK with Sotomayor and Nathan Lane, then that’s what you will get. Personally I couldn’t look my kids in the face if I did that to them. God gives us intelligence and free will. Time to use it.

    • John D says:

      “Romney is EXACTLY who the left want running against BHO.”

      It’s worth noting Ronald Reagan was who they wanted to run against Carter in 1980. They were certain Reagan didn’t have a chance. Look how that turned out.

      I know you’re upset with the GOP, Kenneth. So am I. But 4 more years of the Obumbler will wreck the country. That’s an awful high price to pay to send a message. Especially one that will just be ignored by the party bigwigs, who continue being bigwigs whether the GOP wins or not.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Romney wouldn’t be my first choice, but if he wins the GOP nomination, I’ll proudly vote for him. Imagine what would happen if Obama landed a second term and had no re-election aspirations holding back his ridiculous, economy-killing agenda.

    And if you have an issue with RINO candidates, don’t blame the GOP or the RINO in question: blame the “approved” conservatives like Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie (although he’s kind of a RINO, too). The reason we have these candidates is because those a-holes chose to sit this election out. Apparently, they don’t REALLY believe defeating Obama is that important, which (ironically) makes them bigger RINOs than Mitt Romney.

  4. Kenneth is the reason why Obama has a very good chance of winning re-election.

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Oh, I guarantee Obama will get re-elected, because there are too many voters out there who will vote for him because:

      1. He’s the black guy.
      2. They want to feel good about themselves for voting for the black guy (again).

      If it’s Romney or Obama I’m happy either way, because when the economy completely fails, and people are bitching about ObamaCare, I’ll sleep well at night knowing I wasn’t one of the people who voted for him twice.

      Besides, it’ll take years to dig out from the debt/deficit hole Obama dug for this country. Four years of Romney-nomics won’t do it.

      • You forgot the fact the Republicans choices are average (Romney) to poor (the other 2 clowns).

        And, if you remember when we talked about this 3+ years ago, we both agreed that Obama (or McCain) at the time would only be a 1-term President.

  5. Randal if Romney (with his impeccable resume) is average, then what does that say about Obama? His resume is about as weak as Kramers (Kra-merica).

    • Randal Graves says:

      Well, at this moment, it says that Obama is average to better-than-average (according to the polls).

      The point is that it’s the challenger’s (Romney) job to sway votes to his side. Romney needs to stop being a pussy trying to act like he’s one of us. He’s not; he’s a rich son of a bitch who has shitloads of money. And that’s perfectly OKAY. People would take to him more if he just acted himself instead of trying to play this stupid “I’m everyman” charade.

      • Dustoff says:

        he’s a rich son of a bitch who has shitloads of money.

        I noticed you left O-dumber out. Yet he did too.

        I just wonder what this fool is going to run on?

        Econ….. please.
        Fuel cost….. yeah sure.
        Food cost……. read above.
        Housing…. oops another failure. Fred & Fran
        GM……… so much for the Volt.

        Afgan……….. how many times can you say I’m sorry.

        Huge growth of government……….. OK, I’ll give him that one.

        • Randal Graves says:

          Dustoff, I though you were going to limit your talk to Obama, not his predecessor too.

          • Howie says:

            Wow, three years later and we still have the blame Bush-syndrome?

          • Randal Graves says:

            ummmm, no Howie, but to say that the housing and job market is entirely Obama’s fault, is very stupid (or Republican) of you.

            Obviously, you bought your short term memory loss pills from the GOP.

  6. Wyatt Earp says:

    Please. Everyone who runs for POTUS has “shitloads of money.” It’s practically a requirement. Obama does, and he’s not one of us. Neither was GWB, None of the men who ever held the office made a convincing case that they were John Everyman – with the possible exception of FDR and JFK (the Catholic who took his orders from the Pope and forced Catholicism on everyone).

    Imagine what this country will look like when Mitt makes us convert and changes all of our names to Joseph Smith!

  7. Ingineer66 says:

    Why is it that Bill Clinton making $70 million on speeches is just fine, but Romney makes $17 million and he is a mother f-er.

  8. Howie says:

    Personally, I hope BHO keeps at least one campaign promise. The one where he said he would be a one-term President if he didn’t turn the economy around in 3 years.

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