General Motors has temporarily suspended production of its Volt electric car, the company announced Friday. GM, which is based in Detroit, announced to employees at one of its facilities that it was halting production of the beleaguered electric car for five weeks and temporarily laying off 1,300 employees. A GM spokesman told The Hill on Friday that production of the Volt would resume April 23. 

“We needed to maintain proper inventory and make sure that we continued to meet market demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said in a telephone interview. Lee noted that sales of the Volt were higher in February than they were in January, and added that California recently decided to allow the electric car to qualify for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in the state. “We see positive trends, but we needed to make this market adjustment,” he said. LINK

Ok so it’s bad enough that Chevy has conspired with the Obama administration to foist this failed flaming-fuse box car on us. It’s bad enough that the Obama administration has wasted billions of tax payer dollars bailing out GM and the UAW. It’s criminal that the Obama administration has saddled our children with trillions in debt because of their “green energy” schemes. But you know what ticks me off the most? It’s the outright lies they tell and the MSM prints with no vetting or criticism.

“We needed to maintain proper inventory and make sure that we continued to meet market demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said

Really Chris? Proper inventory? As far as I can tell the lots are full of UNSOLD Volts because no one wants an OBAMACAR! The Volt is a failure as will be any electric car that doesn’t get 200 miles on a charge and can be fully re-charged in less than an hour with batteries that last ten years.



  1. Old NFO says:

    On the money there CA! 🙂

  2. The Working Class Conservative says:

    Ah but you se the Obama Admin is buying them for the federal fleet. Could the nationalization get any worse? I doubt it.

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    I thought the Volt didn’t qualify for the new clean air rules to allow car pool lane use. I guess the big O must have had Cali change the law to help sales.

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    Drudge has a story that claims Obama is blaming the media for the lack of sales. Yeah Barry, it’s the MSM. It has nothing to do with the fact that people just don’t want the car.

  5. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    Most of the American people are not as dumb as BHO may think they are. People will not buy things they don’t want just to make those on the left who worship the creation instead of The Creator, aka God, happy. If God didn’t want us to utilize fossil fuels I don’t think He would have put them here in the first place. If God wanted the world to stop using fossil fuels I believe He can & would make them disappear. Where the left goes off the tracks is in their interpretation of God’s directive to Adam. God wanted human beings to be good stewards of this planet, That did not mean He wants or wanted human beings to use fallible human “logic” & ban everything they mistakenly believe is “destroying the planet”. The left did the same thing with DDT & how many people have needlessly died through malaria carrying mosquitoes on the other side of the globe because the left thought they knew better than everyone else, God included? I’m a refrigeration mechanic by trade & look what the left has done here. They came up with an unproved “scientific” idea that CFCs were destroying the ozone layer. What happened? The refrigerant manufacturers had to come up with alternative refrigerants & synthetic lubricants to replace the existing CFC based refrigerants & mineral oils which are not compatible with the new HFC & HCFC refrigerants. Not really a big deal at the time, but since that time a lot of the new refrigerants & lubricants have been found to be carcinogenic & cancer causing. Will the left stand up & accept responsibility for all those in my trade who contract cancer due to their environmental buffoonery & meddling which brought these new carcinogenic refrigerants & lubricants about? I highly doubt it. Just think of all of the carcinogenic gases in our atmosphere every time a leak occurrs on a refrigeration or air conditioning system containing these new refrigerants. You can thank the left each & every time this occurrs. And Cap if your “favorite lefty” Randall Graves tries to spin this post, keep in mind the facts are totally against him. I have worked with these new refrigerants & lubricants & all of their containers have a warning about their carginogenic nature. The old refrigerants & mineral based lubricants did not have this problem. But then again the left doesn’t care how many they needlessly kill through their “smartest guy in the room” insanity just so long as the planet is “saved”. Take care Cap & if you ever respond to a fire where refrigeration systems are present, keep that air mask on. Seriously!

    • Ken good points. One thing you may not know- before I became a firefighter I graduated from HVAC school. That was my fall back trade in case I didn’t get hired by the FD. Although I never worked in the field I remember being taught about the “new” refrigerants being brought online because the old ones were destroying the Ozone.

      You mean that wasn’t the case?… *sark*

    • Randal Graves says:

      You DO realize that the story of Adam & Eve isn’t real?

      • Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

        This is the best you can do? I can think of four who were there & know both Adam & Eve very well: God The Father, Jesus Christ the son, The Holy Spirit, & the tempter himself, Satan. It’s up to you to believe or disbelieve God & His Word. One day we’ll both know for sure. For your sake I hope you stop putting your faith in fallible human “wisdom” & ask God to reveal Himself to you. He will do just that if you ask Him. Life without God is meaningless.

        • Randal Graves says:

          The ‘story’ of Adam & eve may be ‘real’; that is, God created everything and everyone. But evil science has proved that the literal story of Adam & Eve didn’t quite go down the way it was written in the Bible.

          • Kenneth E MacAlister Jr. says:

            Sorry, but The Bible being The Word of God is like God Himself – infallible. And again, we’ll both know for sure one day. What you need to ask yourself is will I put my faith in God ,or continue to base all of my beliefs & trust in fallible human “wisdom”. By the way, God created science as well. As for your contention about science proving the literal Biblical story of Adam & Eve didn’t occur as it appears in Genesis, you do realize you are calling God a liar do you not? You might want to give that some serious thought. Take care & listen to God. Human “wisdom” is as foolishness to God.

  6. Bob G. says:

    Gotta be one of your BEST posts to date…!
    Simply Brilliant!
    A LONG time ago on my blog (archived – 9 Jan 2007) I mentioned the brief history of the E-cars in America.
    (and I saw little prospect for even the VOLT back then.)

    Nice to know LOTS of people STILL cannot be hood-winked.
    Kudos to those doing their “homework”.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Roll safe (and fossil-fueld) out there. 😉

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