Let this be a lesson to everyone: smoking is dangerous.

Police say a North Carolina man is dead after he accidentally drank from a jar of gasoline and then smoked a cigarette. Havelock police received a 911 call about 9:55 p.m. Monday after 43-year-old Gary Allen Banning set himself on fire. Banning was transported to UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill, where he died early Tuesday morning.

City spokeswoman Diane Miller said investigators believe Banning was at a friend’s apartment when he apparently mistook a jar of gasoline sitting by the kitchen sink for a beverage. After taking a gulp, he spit the gas out and got some on his clothes.

Sometime later, investigators say Banning went outside to smoke a cigarette and burst into flame. (LINK)

How do you mistake gasoline for a beverage?


5 Responses to BURNING LOVE

  1. Robbie says:

    If your used to drinking moonshine – I could understand the mistake 🙂

  2. The Working Class Conservative says:

    Smoking is not dangerous. Drinking gasoline is dangerous. LOL Smoking is deadly!

  3. Bob G. says:

    It’s usually NOT the LIQUID gas that’s dangerous…it’s the FUMES!

    The Human Torch DOES exist.

    Stay safe.

  4. Ingineer66 says:

    Holy crap. I have spent some time in Havelock since Cherry Point MCAS is there and this does not surprise me based on some of the local folks that I have seen.

  5. Bob Smith says:

    I’d say it’s time to nominate this guy for a Darwin award.

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