PHILADELPHIA has a new sheriff, but Jewell Williams says that Mayor Nutter’s bean counters are too stingy to let people know it or to allow him to cruise the city’s streets in comfort. Williams, sworn in as sheriff last month after serving in the state House since 2000, said that the city had refused to buy him a new $38,000 Chevy Tahoe SUV with a souped-up law-enforcement engine, known as a pursuit vehicle. Instead, he is stuck with a 2012 Ford Escape SUV that had been used by acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley, who is retiring today.

The Sheriff’s Office has been mired in scandal, accused of misplacing millions of dollars while mishandling the sales of city properties in foreclosure. A Sheriff’s Office staffer and three accomplices pleaded guilty in federal court last month for a bogus-check scam that bilked the agency of $400,000. And the City Controller’s Office in November asked the U.S. attorney to examine how the Sheriff’s Office ran real-estate sales from 2006 to 2010. Williams had a solution to the image troubles: Have the city pay $3,000 to put decals printed with his name on the doors of all 54 sheriff’s vehicles.

“I would tell you that the public deserves to know that there is a new sheriff,” Williams said. “I should not have to take on the negative past of the Sheriff’s Office.”

The city shot that down, too. Link

The next time one of your liberal friends starts blathering on and on about how we need to “level the playing field” or “reduce the income disparity between rich and poor” by raising taxes on the “rich,” just point them to this post. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Philadelphia’s latest sorry excuse of a politician. I give you Jewell Williams, our Sheriff.

Mr. Williams is cut from the same cloth that every other greedy, arrogant, elected, liberal politician in Philly (and most other major cities) is cut from. He’s all about greed and arrogance when it comes to his status as the Sheriff. Apparently his city issued 2012 vehicle isn’t good enough for him. After all, he’s 5′ 10 and needs more room. Uh huh. My boss is 6’3 and drives a Ford Focus with no problems. A Chevy Tahoe has plenty of room.

When I read these stories I get it, but I’m afraid most Americans who don’t work in government don’t get it. You have no idea how inefficient, wasteful and frivolous the government is with our tax dollars. Mr. Williams is typical of city elected  (and non-elected) officials. He feels that the taxpayers are here to fund his life style. We OWE him whatever vehicle he desires. Mind you, as the Sheriff he has no real; law enforcement duties. In Philly the Sheriffs work for the courts. They mostly transport prisoners and hold Sheriff sales. The Philly P.D. does the actual policing of the city. So can you imagine this tool demanding a high performance police vehicle to basically drive back and forth to his office? Not to mention the Sheriffs office has been one of the most mismanaged city agencies in history? The last Sheriff John Green was pretty much run out on a rail because of missing or unaccounted for millions of dollars. What can I say… arrogance begets arrogance.

Just in case you need a comparison here’s what the firefighters in my station are currently driving:

This reserve truck is 22 years old. Our front line apparatus is currently in the shop for repairs. This firetruck has more time on the job than I do. The small number to the left is the property number. The first two digits – 90 – indicate the year the truck entered service 1990.

As you can see, it’s rusted through. There are many spots like this all over the truck. Unfortunately, this is typical of the trucks in our reserve fleet. They should be condemned.

You can see the driver’s seat is pretty much destroyed. Yet my guys wanted to use this truck over some of the others because it is slightly better at maneuvering throught the small streets that dominate our local. Imagine that? Guys put their pride in their job over their own comfort. I wonder if Mr. Williams feels any shame at all?

With the suspension pretty much wiped out you can bet the tillerman will be heading to the chiropractor (if not worse). I cringe every time we have to go out in this wreck. The bone jarring ride is enough to make anyone have a bad back. Since there isn’t enough money to keep fire companies open, do you really think any money gets spent maintaining these trucks? As long as they start, they’re used. There is no mechanisim I know of for refusing a truck, either. It must be an immediate safety problem (like no brakes) to get emergency repairs.

So there we have it. Another trip down government waste / arrogance lane. I tell these stories to inform those who don’t work in government. It’s not that there’s no money to fund the government. There is. It’s just that what we have is mismanaged, wasted and abused by arrogant politicians like Jewell Williams.

Back to the firehouse tonight.



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I’d love to come here and call you a liar, but we deal with the same issues in the PPD. Our current commissioner despises detectives, so we haven’t been issued a new (or even semi-new) vehicle since I’ve been at my division (2005).

    Patrol is the same way, and their cars are their offices for eight hours a day. Some of the vehicles they’re forced to drive are disgusting, unsafe, and completely inadequate for their needs. But hey, “our betters” know what they’re doing, right?

  2. Old NFO says:

    And woe unto y’all if you get in a wreck, because it will AUTOMATICALLY be your fault! Sad story, but on the money as usual CA.

  3. Cs says:

    I’ve been through four reserve ambulances this week. The best part as #3 was failing last night they offersd me the last two reserve trucks that just broke down!

  4. The only thing Williams is in high speed pursuit of is the taxpayer’s money. To have the audacity ask for a $38,000 vehicle with a modified engine (that he clearly doesn’t need), when people who actually WORK for a living are driving rusted out relics is obnoxious.

    It’s laughable that one minute he’s concerned about the image of the Sheriff’s Department, and the next he’s publicly turning his nose up at brand new car!

  5. Mike47 says:

    Sounds like it’s time for a ballot initiative to combine police and sheriff functions, and get rid of dead wood like Williams.

  6. Howie says:

    You should see some of the pieces of crap that I used to fly.

  7. andrew35 says:

    His picture that you post don’t tell the whole story of this nitwit. His picture in full”uny-form” that he created, has him with 5 stars on his epaulets and collar. Gold braided hat pulled down with full beard. Seems that his own directive for the troops forbids beard but I guess he made a command decision for himself. It’s a tossup wether he has more gold than Bro.Lloyd. Oh well,Jake

  8. Bob G. says:

    How’s about he “liberate” one of those ESCALADES in IMPOUND (from whatever drug deal went down recently) and have him tool around in THAT.,..right past Nutter’s window…a LOT.
    (just a thought).

    Roll safe.

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