Some in Philly’s liberal media were “shocked and surprised” to hear Mayor Nutter curse on live TV. Nutter was addressing this week’s triple homicide in the Juniata section of the city.

AFTER the Tuesday-night shooting that killed three teens, an outraged Mayor Nutter had a few choice words to share outside City Hall.

“The first way for young people to stop this stuff is for young people to be home, where they’re supposed to be home, and for adults not to act like idiots and a**holes out in the streets of our city shooting at kids in a car.”

The mayor has no regrets or apologies, said Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald. (LINK)

Please. Nutter has spent most of his first term slashing and cutting his way through the police department (and fire department) budgets. The result? Less cops on the street, and less cars to patrol the neighborhoods. Now he’s shocked when the homicides are up? Is he serious? This is nothing more than faux outrage; a performance for the cameras. That’s all.



  1. I saw this on the news, I think I found a new ringtone.

    While I agree with everything you’ve written, exactly where were the parents of the kids in the car? It was 10:30 on a school night. It’s a tragedy that could have been avoided.

  2. Old NFO says:

    And of course NO words of support for the PD… sigh

  3. Bob G. says:

    AT least no one can hang the phrase UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES on him…they WERE intended…every single one fo them!
    (what a damn shrub)

    Maybe when black community (religious) “leaders” start PREACHING again(about such things like civility and morality), and NOT being community activists promoting MORE equality for some, things might change.

    Nutter’s silence in supporting the PPD speaks VOLUMES…

    Great post.
    Roll safe out there.

  4. andrew35 says:

    Would any part of his speech be printed if he had not used that word. I think not. Just another photo Op. While we are on the “Black Ministers”, and today commemerating MLK,was interesting that yesterdays N.Philly “parade” had so few marchers. Was it too cold or was it about the Playoff games?

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