11 Responses to IOWA 2012: A CLASH WITH NO TITANS

  1. Old NFO says:

    The Pubs just don’t get it… sigh…

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Some people on Twitter are already saying Romney is the presumptive nominee. A day after Iowa. Wow.

  3. Randal Graves says:

    You’d better hope 2 of the Top 3 from yesterday get the nod because they’re the only two that have a chance.

  4. Dustoff says:

    Maybe, but the current jerk in the W/H is doing all he can to lose.

    (Obama sets up clash with Congress over recess banking pick
    Breaks Democrats’ own rule from Bush administration)

  5. I’m no Romney guy but he’s the only one that can seriously knock Obama off and that is the biggest issue this time around. Nothing else comes close.

    Santorum plays to the social conservatives and that’s fine if that’s your thing.

    Newt is clearly the smartest guy in the room but he’s got more baggage than US Air.

    Huntsman- WHO?

    Ron Paul appeals to the schizophrenic vote. 50% of the time he’s awesome. Then he keeps talking and you end saying – wdf did he just say?

    Bachman- nice lady but this is the Presidency not the PTA. No gravitas. Maybe a job in the administration but the Generals would eat her alive.

    Perry- probably a better President than candidate but not ready for prime time.

    We’ll see how this plays out.

  6. Wyatt Earp says:

    I want whomever can beat Obama – releaser of Taliban, circumventer of Congress, destroyer of galactic worlds. If that’s Romney, fine, but my issue is that pundits are declaring him the nominee after one day.

    What’s the point of the primary process if only two or three states have a say in it? By the time the primary gets to PA, it won’t matter because the nomination will already be given. Just like in 2008 with McCain.

  7. Agreed. The primaries should rotate every so many years. Who actually cares what they think in Iowa? Plus primaries should be for registered party members only. It’s bullshit that “independants” and others can vote in someone elses primary. If they want to have a primary let them do their own legwork.

  8. […] A second man in a Rangers jersey then joined the fight, but he too was quickly attacked, being punched and knocked to the ground. The first Rangers fan, no longer the focus of the attackers, manages to get back on his feet. But within seconds, he is punched and falls to the ground. As the video ends, he seems to lie on the ground unconscious. (H/T – C/A) […]

  9. Bob G. says:

    Excellent poster you have there!

    And you rocomment about the candidates mirrors my feeling to…no ONE candidate is the “total package”, but every ONE of them has “something”.

    Good post.

    Stay safe.

  10. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    A RINO nominee like Romney is McCain Part II & will be slaughtered by Barack Obama which is why lefties like Randall & Michael Smerconish always say only RINOs are electable & will be accepted by a majority of Americans. Bull! The Stupid Party has been falling for this b.s. since Reagan left office & they deserve the defeat they will receive next November if they nominate a squishy RINO like Romney. I’ll write in a conservative who won’t go along to get along before I’ll vote for Mitt Romney or any other milquetoast RINO The Stupid Party offer up. I fear God, not Barack Obama.

    • Usually I would agree with you. Not this time. Barack is in bad trouble. Too many Americans are hurting and the buck stops at the White House. Romney is viewed as a stable alternative, not a conservative extremist. In any other election I’d say screw the RINO. But this time is different. Social objectives and ideological purity have to take a back seat this time since the very foundation of our country is at risk. There could be TWO Supreme Court slots up this time around. Elections matter.

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