As we start a new year we should take stock of how good we really have it despite the incompetence of our elected leadership. As the Iowa caucuses approach and the political season gets into full gear think about people in other countries. Many Americans take pride in their ignorance of political affairs and often revel in their indifference to the issues that affect our country. They seem to think that putting themselves above politics somehow bestows enlightened status upon them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As Americans we are literally blessed with the best political system on Earth. No it’s not perfect but there are no better alternatives and none that offer peaceful transitions as often as ours does. People in the Middle East and Africa for example are literally murdered by their own government when they decide they have had enough and want change. (Ironically they mostly want what we have: civil liberties a working economy and basic freedoms). Their system simply does not provide for anything but dictatorship just like North Korea.

So no matter how much we complain it will do no good unless we take part in the system and get out and vote for change. This year it’s too important to remain ignorant.



  1. Bob G. says:

    Oh, hell…I thought that poster was taken from one of OUR major cities…
    (my bad).
    Sure looks similar.
    (not to mention, here in the USofA, we have the RICHEST “poor people” on the damn planet, and they don;t even KNOW it.)

    Stay safe out there.

  2. Cap: Whomever is the GOP nominee (with the exception of Ron Paul) I will work a few nights on their campaign. This is the most important election of our lives and if Obama gets in again this country is one big Dead Man Walking.

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