Recently a friend and co-worker’s father (also a friend and co-worker) suffered a hideous act of vandalism. Someone deliberately released the parking brake on his antique fire truck and pushed / drifted it into the Delaware river. John Mooney is a stand up guy and so is his son John who happens to work at my station. He used this restored fire truck at rally’s and charity events to help raise money for various causes. For unknown reasons some despicable POS saw fit to try to destroy his truck.

Whomever did this cowardly act is about as vile as they come. The truck was parked and from what I understand this was surely no accident. If anyone out there has any information that can help find the culprit please pass it along, I’d appreciate it. Someone low enough to do something like this deserves to be caught and punished. You can call the Philly Police, Local 22 Firefighters Union or drop me an e-mail.

Anyone cross posting or linking to Twitter or F/B would be appreciated. Lets see if we can flush the assh*le out. C/A


3 Responses to THE EVIL THAT MEN DO…

  1. Old NFO says:

    That is truly sad, as those old trucks cost a BUNCH to rebuild and maintain, and the folks do it for the love of the rigs and the charities they support.

  2. andrew35 says:

    Let’s put this on Local 22’s site & also They have a great following around the Delaware Valley and with thier resources might come up with this nitwit. Jake

  3. Rick says:

    Cross posted and put on my Face Book page

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