Former National Security Advisor Jim Jones called today for quick action on the Keystone XL pipeline construction, directly opposing the White House he worked for only a few months ago.
Jones, who rarely speaks in public and almost never contradicts his former boss President Barack Obama, lashed out against the administration in a press call and warned of grave consequences to U.S. national security if the project to build the pipeline doesn’t move forward immediately. The call was sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute and Jones was joined on the call by API President and CEO Jack Gerard.

“In a tightly contested global economy, where securing energy resources is a national must, we should be able to act with speed and agility. And any threat to this project, by delay or otherwise, would constitute a significant setback,” said Jones. “The failure to [move forward with the project] will prolong the risk to our economy and our energy security” and “send the wrong message to job creators.” LINK

When is a “shovel ready job not a shovel ready job”? Apparently when it’s oil related, good for the economy, our strategic defense and long-term energy policy. After trillions of dollars in government bailouts, failed stimulus programs that haven’t created a single job and with unemployment over 10% President Obama is determined to cave in yet again to the radical environmental left. If he gets his way he will kill the Keystone pipeline and with it thousands of American jobs. It’s pretty clear the this President is not only clueless as to how to actually create jobs but is actively working to PREVENT job creating in the first place. Can you imagine? Whats worse is if we don’t go ahead with this project, the Canadian government will move forward and guess who will take our place? The CHINESE!

Obama’s whole economic plan revolves around so-called “green” energy schemes that don’t work and taxing the most successful among us (Millionaires) as if that will have any impact on our fourteen TRILLION dollar debt. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue but is prepared to run us over a cliff in order to pursue his radical ideology. His socialist agenda has failed at every turn. The green economy is a farce. His tax policies are designed for one thing only, class warfare. This is a guy who admittedly looked to the likes of Jon Corzine for economic advice and has a tax cheat Timothy Geithner as his top advisor. Corzine has admitted he DOESN’T KNOW where BILLIONS of dollars went. Are you kidding me? I get pissed off if I lose track of ten bucks. But then again I work damned hard for my money like most Americans.

Seriously who is still defending this guy?



  1. Rick says:

    Brain dead idiots still defend Obozo

  2. Bob G. says:

    I thought we had PLENTY of SHOVEL-READY jobs…at least in D.C. (to scrape up ALL that damn BULLSH*T they’re dumping at us…)

    Gonna need a BIGGER shovel now…right?


    Good call.

    Roll safe

  3. Dustoff says:

    Gonna need a BIGGER shovel now…right?

    Steam type? (-:

  4. Bob G. says:


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