A U.S. soldier held by the Taliban since 2009 has been recaptured after he went on the run for three days. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s daring escape failed when a manhunt was launched in Pakistan to find him, Taliban commanders said. He is now facing his third Christmas in captivity. Sgt Bergdahl has been a prisoner of the Taliban since his capture on June 30, 2009, in Afghanistan. Since then, he has appeared in a least five Taliban propaganda videos, one of which was released in May. He is the only known U.S. soldier to be captive of the Taliban.

Sgt Bergdahl made the attempt in late August or early September, after several months when his jailers became more trusting of him. It is thought he learnt Pashto and converted to Islam to build up a rapport with his captors. The soldier then reportedly jumped from a first-floor window of a mud-brick house in Pakistan where he was held, and made his escape into underbrush and forested mountains. 

His captors found him three days later hiding in a trench, covered with leaves and virtually naked, according to the report. The sources described Sgt Bergdahl, of Hailey, Idaho, fighting ‘like a boxer’ when found. LINK

I hope everyone reading this says a prayer for Sgt. Bergdahl’s safe return. This is a very dangerous time for him in his captivity. The Obama administration is withdrawing more and more troops from the region. Sgt. Bergdahls is in danger of becoming forgotten in the rush to cut and run before next years presidential election. There is nothing to make anyone believe that this administration would do a single thing to help any service member if they thought for a second that it would cost them one vote.

Frankly I for one doubt Secretary of State Clinton even knows who Sgt. Bergdahl is. If she did, why not make a public pitch for his release after this latest escape attempt? No public messages of support that may make it back to him to help his morale. No public pleas for help or reward for those nationals who may have information that could lead us to him. Not threats to those holding him. Nothing.

It’s clear that Sgt. Bergdahl is doing everything he can to try and stay alive and escape his captors. It is outrageous that our government doesn’t appear to be doing everything it can to help. After three years it’s time to get serious about bringing him home before his captors decide that he has outlived his value to them. My burning question: Where’s John McCain on this issue?


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