Senate Republicans block Obama nominee:

Arguing that she is too activist for a position on the federal circuit court,  Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked President Obama’s nominee to the U.S.  Court of Appeals seat previously held by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  


So the liberals are bent out of shape after the Senate Republicans shot down an Obama administration nominee today. Cry me a river. After this administration forced the extremely left wing and radically liberal Sonja Sotomayor and Elana Kagan down our throats and on to the Supreme Court they are acting as (typical whiny-assed liberals). Boo Hoo the bad Republicans blocked our nominee. Meanwhile they think nothing of doing as they please when they have the power. As long as they keep offering up extremists like this I say WELL DONE boys:

But Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, ranking member of  the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he was troubled by Halligan’s record  arguing against trying enemy combatants in military tribunals as well as her  support for “nuisance” lawsuits like suing gun manufacturers for crimes  committed with weapons.

He added that as solicitor general for former New  York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Halligan also took “activists positions” like  supporting NOW’s claim that pro-life groups had engaged in extortion; the use of  race in college and law school admissions is constitutional; illegal immigrants  should be awarded back pay in labor disputes in the United States; and the Clean  Air Act authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse  gases. LINK

She’s well “qualified” because she’s a typical left wing nut case who thinks the law is whatever she FEELS like it is, not what is actually written or intended or God forbid the will of the people. Good riddance. 


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