Say hello to my new best friend. This is a Browning Hi Power, 9mm, PJK 9 HP. I picked this little gem up at our local gun show this past weekend. I have been after one of these for a while. I looked at some here and there but they were mostly over priced or in bad shape. Some were a combination of both. This one was priced to sell and I have been a good boy lately. I’ve also been saving my shekels so good for me!

The show was very crowded I’m thinking because Valley Forge is out of business. There aren’t many gun shows close by so everyone is coming back to this one. Fireboat John jumped in for the ride along, and I met up with Jay the Paramedic and Dennis the Engineer and his son at the show. I saw a lot of friends there and BOTH the boy and girl tagged along. We had a blast needless to say.

This is the Hungarian model in case you are wondering. I checked it out and did some on-line research. Seems there’s quite a bit to know about these. In any case I lucked out. It is a Hi Power / Browning design, not the Smith & Wesson version. I really, REALLY like this gun and can’t wait to get to the range. The finish is super nice and overall I’m pleased with the pick up. I now have my essential handgun calibers covered! Yea!


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  1. jfussell says:

    You and your small caliber guns….. Capt’n capt’n capt’n!!!

    Nothing smaller than .45 +P. If it’s not making the walls shake I don’t shoot it.

    …that reminds me. Ever shot a “judge”? Gigantic revolver that shoots 410 shells or 45 long colts. I swear the same guy that came up with that S&W .50 cal revolver invented this thing.

    Anywho, I gotta send some pics your way. Been working again for a couple months (not orlando, they arent hiring yet). Little 4 station department about 15 miles from home. Paid is paid I guess.

    • You dude glad to hear you landed on your feet (as always). I know the 9mm isn’t everyones favorite but remember what I said-

      “I now have my essential handgun calibers covered! Yea!”

      There’s no shortage in my locker. I just kind of fell in love with the HP after reading up on it’s history and all that. Ever since I checked out Fireboat Johns Belgian model I was hooked. It’s laid out just like a .45 so it’s easy to work with and it feels awesome in your grip. Point and shoot. Plus todays 9mm packs a better punch than the old days.

      As for the Judge no not that I can recall. I kind of figured you for a Desert Eagle kind a guy anyway! 😉

      Hope the family and everyone is doing well!
      Stay safe pal!

      • Dustoff says:

        Well Capt. I’m quite fond of my Glock 40.
        Knock down power is what I seek.

        Granted my 45 was really nice, but trying to carry that monster on your body is another story.

        Enjoy the new toy, but I to must admit 9MM?


  2. Bob G. says:

    That is one of the nicest 9mms on the market…
    I have wanted one since the early 1970s when I saw Serpico.

    He goes into a NYC gun shop and the guy behind the counter tells him: ” That has a 15 round magazine…you expecteing an ARMY?”
    He answers: “No…just a DIVISION.”

    I do have a white metal fake P35 Hi-Power that I practice field-striping…in case the day comes when I can get me a real one.
    I might check out the prices for the PJK clone.

    For now, I like my Taurus Millenium in .45 ACP very much, thank you.

    Roll safe and shoot straight out there.

    • Dustoff says:

      For now, I like my Taurus Millenium in .45 ACP very much, thank you.

      EARTH-QUAKE. (-:

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