If you live in or near N.E. Philly then you probably have heard of Aldo’s Pizza. In fact I wrote about it a while back when some idiots robbed the place. This quiet little pizzeria has been here as long as I can remember and that’s pretty far back. In fact I believe Aldo’s used to be a fast food restaurant, Geno’s if I am correct. When Geno’s went under it became Aldo’s and never looked back. That’s sometime in the late 1970’s? / early 80’s. Anyway the other day I had a craving for Aldo’s.

With the kids in school and the Oberfrau at work I snuck out for some lunchtime pizza goodness. Aldo’s is legendary for a couple of reasons. Their pizza is just plain great. They have sandwiches like Philly cheesesteaks and all that, but the real gold is their pizza. They also benefit from being about 50 yards from George Washington HS. Generations of kids have cut a class or two just to hang out at Aldo’s while munching pizza with their buddies. Ahem. While Aldo’s doesn’t have the flamboyant and charismatic ownership of a Joey Vento, I’d venture to say their pizza is the Philly cheesesteak equivalent. Here’s to many more years of sneaking off to Aldo’s! A real guilty pleasure.



  1. URSIS says:

    It’s the jewel of the Northeast! We always stop there whenever we are in town. Our son, a brought up in the military lifestyle, even asks for Aldo’s when visiting “home!”

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