In Obamerica it’s illegal for little kids to sell lemonade…

PHILADELPHIA – FOX 29 is keeping tabs on what the “Occupy Philly” protest is costing taxpayers. Over the past three weeks, the protest cost the city about $500,000. Most of that is from police overtime and sanitation costs. The city’s finance director says we can expect to pay about $100,000 a week, if this keeps up. “So, obviously if that lasts for a long time that’s a cost that we’ll have to factor into how we keep our budget balanced,” Philadelphia Finance Director Rob Dubow said.

Protesters are railing against everything from income inequality to corporate greed and lack of accountability on Wall Street. Meanwhile, police in other cities are losing patience with “Occupy” protests. In one video out of San Diego, riot police cleared protesters out of a plaza. The crackdown started after officials declared the gathering illegal. LINK

Ok at this point bashing the anarchists and left-wing radicals involved in these “Occupy” protests is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s lost its amusement value. But this story should infuriate every single tax payer. The Nutter administration, in a total capitulation to the anarchist forces has refused to enforce our laws out of fear and politics. His inability to confront these protestors at this point has cost the city a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. This at a time when we are using rolling brownouts of fire companies to save money. Occupy Philly = Closed Fire Houses plain and simple. The Nutter administration is facilitating  and condoning lawlessness. No other group would get this kind of special treatment.

but perfectly fine for filthy hippies to destroy society.

The question we must all consider is when does the right of legitimate protest cross the line? When does a protest cease to be a protest and turn into an illegal assembly? Well we have laws that help us determine that. First of all there is no provision for camping at City Hall or any other form of unlawful assembly. My Boy Scouts would be hauled off in the blink of an eye the second they tried to put up a tent and I shudder to think what would happen if they *gasp* dared erect a LEMONADE STAND! Everyone needs the proper permits from the Mummers to the various ethnic parades we host every year. That’s because the city can’t afford these peaceful assemblies and organizers must contribute to the expenses. Yet somehow these left-wing zealots get a pass… from a left-wing administration. Remember that Mummers.

The fact of the matter is the government has a duty to act. These idiots have no legal basis for their actions. If they think they are going to change or remove the government they are wrong. Our government changes by elections not anarchy. This isn’t the Middle East. The Tea Party has shown what citizens can do when they act together. The litany of crime and acts of perversion coming out of the “Occupy” movement show in stark contrast the difference between the right and left when it comes to protest. So far the occupiers have generated reports of theft, robbery, assault, sexual abuse, drug use, drug dealing, molestation and other acts of depravity as well as prostitution andarrests by the hundreds not to mention the filth! That’s a far cry from anything the Tea Party ever managed to accomplish.

The Occupiers have had their say. Now it’s time for the real 99% to have our say: RESTORE PUBLIC ORDER NOW!



  1. […] Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, spent $500,000 taxpayer dollars over the past three weeks on the Philadelphia Occupation. I suspect a portion of the funds went to provide power and internet access for these sad fools. When will the Occupation reimburse the citizens of Philadelphia? Speaking of fiscal responsibility, check out this comparison of the Tea Party versus Occupation Wall Street.  […]

  2. Ritt says:

    Plain and simple – Democrat pols see “occupy whatever” = votes.
    Taxpayer $ = free campaign $. It will go on until it gets ugly (loses votes) or election time. If this was “Tea Party” – kick ass

  3. andrew35 says:

    Tues.11/08/11 is Re-elect Neuter Day. A few mis-guided lemmings will make thier way to the polls and pull that big Demmie lever or push the big Demmie button. Nothing will change except a few more Fire Houses will be closed and the lemmings could care less. As long as the free cell phones,food stamps,free rides to the Hospital and all the other freebies are still free, nothing will change for them. The City Workers will still not have a contract after a year and the FF’s will still be waiting on a decision from a Judge who is also in the mix on Neuter Day for his retension. The FF’s were awarded a new agreement in arbitration in concurrance with State Law-Act 111 .His Emminence Mayor Neuter don’t agree with this law and took it to Court. Funny though the FOP, was awarded a similar agreement as the FF’s but Neuter didn’t fight thiers. Double standard? But as I say the lemmings will still elect him.,it’s a shame isn’t it. Jake

  4. Bob G. says:

    I keep saying:
    Peace through appeasement NEVER works…

    (and these cities are paying the price of such lack of vision)

    Good call.

    Roll safe.

  5. Ingineer66 says:

    The Tea Party folks here in my town and elsewhere are starting to ask why they had to pay for insurance and security and permits and porta-potties while the occupy hippies are allowed to camp overnight and not pay a dime for anything.

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