Catchy slogan. I wonder if they got the memo from Mayor Nutter and City Council?

City Council and the Nutter administration reached agreement Monday on two bills that would eliminate most business start-up fees and provide significant relief from the widely despised business-privilege tax. The fees and taxes long have been blamed for putting the city at a disadvantage when competing with the suburbs and other cities to attract employers.

The bills, which were moved out of Council’s Finance Committee on Monday, eventually would provide more than $70 million in relief, signaling that the city “is open for business,” said Councilman Bill Green, who cosponsored one of the measures. “It’s a tremendous victory for businesses in the city . . . and for people looking for jobs,” he said. “This is the biggest impact in tax reform done for businesses in the history of Philadelphia in a single day.”

Councilman James F. Kenney, who sponsored the bill to help start-up businesses, said that “almost every problem we deal with in this city” is caused by people out of work. Both bills, he said, are meant to jump-start employment. Government figures place the city’s unemployment at 11 percent, but Kenney said the real figure was probably closer to 25 percent.

“Imagine, if every person in this city who could work was working, the money we would not spend on those human services and police and courts and prisons,” he said. LINK

HOLY CRAP! Did I read this correctly? It looks and sounds as if Philly’s City Council (the worst in the nation save San Francisco) has FINALLY realized their parties economic philosophy (tax, spend, regulate, repeat) doesn’t actually work. In a stunning admission even Mayor Michael (Squidward) Nutter has joined in the Hallelujah chorus.

Philadelphia is a typical liberal dominated abortion of a big American city. High crime, budget deficits measured in generations, a virtual welfare state within a state, a generally corrupt government rife with institutionalized waste, fraud, abuse, graft, corruption, pay-to-play politics, no-bid contracting schemes, voter fraud and outright theft. In short an utterly failed business model. (The DNC platform)

Yet despite those dismal qualities the entrenched democrat political machine has refused to do anything differently mainly because their patronage system of handouts and perks allow them to get re-elected year in and year out usually without opposition. I guess things have finally hit rock bottom. These liberal local governments who can’t provide the essential services they are required to must realize they can no longer count on the states or the feds to bail out their failed economic policies anymore. They are being forced to live within their means…SHOCKA! That means attracting REVENUE PRODUCERS AKA BUSINESSES! From Mayor Nutter:

Nutter called the two bills “a dramatic shift in policy.” “Changes need to be made to the tax structure of the city of Philadelphia,” he said. “We are now embarked on a new direction.”

Sums it all up right there folks! A dramatic shift in policy that smells a whole lot like trickle down economics to me: Cut tax rates for businesses and entrepreneurs who create jobs. Those employers in turn increase the tax base and revenue collected thus expanding the local economy, while decreasing the demand for basic services. Those employed become tax payers and consumers in turn increasing the demand for goods and services. Sheesh… so simple a fireman can do it. Hopefully it’s not too little too late. Stupid liberals.



  1. Too bad “Trickle Down Economics” has been proven not to work.

    But hey, at least it’s a start.

    • “Proven”? As if. If it doesn’t work then I guess the inverse is true- take all the money from the producers and give to the unproductive. How’s that working out? Oh wait COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM have been proven not to work ex- Russia and the East Block and today Europe.

      • Randal Graves says:

        No, proven as in “all the times it’s been tried in the US, it has failed”. No, it does not mean give all of the rich people’s money to the poor (I never said that; you and your Repubtard friends did.). Yes, Communism and Socialism are complete failures.

        The current system is broken; the fix is “common ground” which, unfortunately, people like you and wacko left-wing liberals will NEVER find.

    • Dustoff says:

      And we told you this guy was a crook. I could be wrong, but I remember you defending him after his comment about the Marines.
      Last week’s release of FBI documents finally put in writing what nobody had ever said on the record: The FBI suspected that former Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and lobbyists close to him were running a scheme to funnel earmarks to sham companies and nonprofits to benefit the lawmaker’s friends and former staffers.

  2. bob (either orr) says:

    Captain 1, Randall 0.

  3. Bob G. says:

    Your last paragraph (sadly) says it all…
    I remember the old Bill Green days in City hal…that was when the snowball was kicked down the damn Matterhorn…and it’s been getting larger and faster ever since.

    Maybe…JUST maybe, there is some light at the end of that VERY long tunnel…

    I hope to hell it’s true.

  4. Ok Randall- I’ll bite: YOU define “common ground”… I await your response.

    We all know what “Common Ground” means to the left- rejection of your values or principles to appease them.

    I believe in the superiority of my beliefs. So why would I compromise them to please some left wing lunatic?

    Capitalism has made American the most successful country in human history measured any way you wish. I’d hardly call that a failure.

  5. I would, but let’s be real here; someone who says “I believe in the superiority of my beliefs” would never be open to any honest and constructive discussion. Your way or the highway.

    I love how you think that everyone “against” you is against capitalism.

    The gap between the rich and poor grows every year; 15% of Americans live in poverty; that’s 46 MILLION people.

    If you think that there’s nothing wrong with our system then you’re just stupid.

  6. You still avoid the issue as usual. I have plenty of “common ground”. I’ll cite an example: I believe in the protection of the environment STRONGLY. However I’m not an insane tree hugger that won’t allow industry that is needed to keep our country afloat and give peolpe jobs. People before Caribou.

    There are people “against” me??? I am for capitalism, free enterprise and free markets. That is the American system. If you aren’t “For” that then you are obviously “For” something else. Lets have it, what then are you for? You have no answers.

    Poverty in America = plazma screen TV’s, play stations, cell phones, IPODS, free public transportation, free schooling, free medical care, free housing, free lunches, and the lsit goes on and on. Please spare me with the whole concerned about the poor rhetoric. I see it all the time. Call 911 for medical help. Go into the house and the TV’s are bigger than mine and I have a job. It’s bullshit.
    Our system has created the best standard of living for more people than any other in the history of the world. By your OWN admission 250+ Million Americans AREN’T poor. 85% AREN’T POOR! What other country comes close to that? NONE! You want to talk REAL POVERTY ? Go to India or China. Poverty in America is luxurious by comparison.

    What on Earth would you class warfare types and socialist re-distributionists do? Confiscate people’s money? Why- you won’t see any of it. The government will just waste it. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

    I think we know who is really stupid here…

  7. “85% AREN’T POOR!” and that’s why it’s not worth anyone’s effort discussing this with you. You think that’s a success.

    • So you have no alternative. Just as I thought.

      • No, I told you I do; It’s just that it’s not worth sharing with your stubborn self.

      • So you don’t believe in the superiority of YOUR beliefs??? snark…
        Thats a shame. It seems that you aren’t very sure in what you believe and you cast aspersions on those who are certain in theirs.
        You think it’s ok for you to believe strongly in your personal beliefs but anyone who disagrees with you and is equally certain in their beliefs is “stupid”. That’s the classic liberal ideology.

        But deep down inside you aren’t really sure what you believe in as you certainly can’t spell it out.Yet you mock me for just that- spelling out what I believe in and defending it.

      • Randal Graves says:

        I’m very “sure in what I believe in”, but I’m also open to change and differing opinions, something that is obviously not in your vocabulary, especially when it comes from evil “classic liberals” like me; which is cool, I guess.

        “but anyone who disagrees with you and is equally certain in their beliefs is “stupid”.” – show me where I said that. I called you stupid for thinking that our current system works just fine and I stand by that because it’s true.

  8. Ingineer66 says:

    We have spent over a trillion dollars on the war on poverty but the percentage of poor is still about the same as in the 60’s. At least for our billions in Iraq we got Sadam and his sons. How much longer and how much more money should we spend on an effort that does not seem to be making any progress?

    Maybe the Philly cops and others should take a cue from the Oakland PD. They cleared out the camps yesterday in a manner reminiscent with the 70’s.

  9. Howie says:

    The sign says foreclose on captialism. Sounds like a socialist/communist movement to me.

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