If there is any lingering doubt about the insanity of the “Occupy Wall Street” mobs or the level of lefts disconnect from reality this story should clear it up once and for all:

About an hour and a half drive south of Nashville is the small town of  Lynchburg, Tenn. You probably haven’t heard of it unless you’re a fan of  Tennessee whiskey.

That’s because Lynchburg only has one claim to fame: It has been the home to  the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey distillery since 1866. The town and the brand are  forever linked, and now, the town that gave birth to the world’s bestselling  whiskey is talking about raising taxes on the business because it should “pay  its fair share.”

The tax, estimates for which range from $4 million and $5 million, was  proposed by 75-year-old retiree Charles Rogers, a resident of Moore County, the  home county of Jack Daniel’s. The tax would add 3.4 cents to each bottle of the  whiskey, and Rogers hopes the funds would go to pay bills for schools, bridges,  roads and a water treatment plant. The Moore County Council passed a measure  earlier this year, paving the way for the proposed barrel tax to be added onto  the ballot.

Do officials in Lynchburg really believe Jack Daniel’s owes them something?  Sure, the company proudly boasts about its hometown in advertising and labeling,  but Jack Daniel’s relationship with Lynchburg could hardly be described as  exploitative. Jack Daniel’s makes about $121 million in profits a year. It  already pays $1.5 million in local property taxes on its Lynchburg operation,  $4.40 per gallon in Alcoholic Beverage Taxes to the state, and millions in  federal taxes. LINK

I’m pretty sure the answer to the above question is that SOME in Lynchburg do believe Jack Daniels owes them something, even more than they have been providing for over 100 years.

Thus we have today’s economics / sociology lesson mmmmmmm-k? It’s all about GREED. Businesses don’t exist to provide the slackers among us a cradle to grave Playstation existence. They exist to MAKE MONEY. In the process of making money the provide jobs and taxes… REASONABLE TAXES! Not put-me-out-of-business taxes or make-me-uncompetitive taxes.

Unfortunately the left cares nothing about business competitiveness or profits or losses for that matter. That’s because the favorite business of liberals is THE GOVERNMENT. They LOVE the government  because it takes other people’s money and gives them free stuff or allows them to live screwed up lives without having to work. All the while the government is rife with waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and mis-management. It SQUANDERS the money it takes supposedly on behalf of the public good.

I tell ya if this tax passes I hope Jack Daniels company ups and moves the next frigging day. I’m sure there are other municipalities that would welcome such an outstanding corporate citizen. For the record I have loved JD since it first taught me the definition of pain…



  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, JD should move, at least one county over, and take ALL that tax money away.

  2. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    The worst thing anyone can do is pay these people any mind. Don’t waste your blog space on them Cap.

  3. mikemadden59 says:

    Lem Motlow is turning over in his grave

  4. Ron Russell says:

    You hit the “Nail on the Head” those cry-babies on “occupy wall street” and the rest who think like them are the gimme gimme crowd and would take from those who have worked hard for what they have. We have to rid ourselves of these bums and socialist and Defeat Obama in 2012 and yes I’m promoting something. I have many conservative sites and have created a widget for those who think like us for this vital election next year. Drop by and look at the widget and if you choose to add it to your site your help will be rewarded by greater exposer for your blog, backlinks and most of all a stronger voice in the upcoming campaign to defeat Barack. You have a nice looking site and this is my first visit.

  5. Bob G. says:

    I’d be MORE than willing to see ’em up and move to Ft. Wayne, IN…lol.
    (less than a mile from me would be even BETTER!)


    Stay safe.

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