"If you listen to fools...THE MOB RULES!" Black Sabbath

Congressman Eric Cantor canceled a scheduled speech Friday at Penn’s Wharton School of Business after determining the audience could no longer be controlled. Hundreds of Occupy Philadelphia protestors were marching from City Hall to the campus to protest the public speech which was to address “A Fair Shot at the American Dream and Economic Growth.”

In remarks prepared for the speech (published after its cancellation by the university’s newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian), Cantor was to say “There are politicians and others who want to demonize people that have earned  success in certain sectors of our society. They claim that these people have now  made enough, and haven’t paid their fair share. But, pitting Americans against  one another tends to deflate the aspirational spirit of our people and fade the  American dream. I believe that the most successful among us are positioned to  use their talents to help grow our economy and give everyone a hand up the  ladder and the dignity of a job.” LINK

What a great victory for the occupy mob. Liberal professors leading the charge to SILENCE voices that they don’t agree with. Instead of ADVOCATING for free speech and a frank exchange of ideas as they should, they are teaching their idiot students that the can win by intimidation. King George once thought that as well. The use of the threat of violence or intimidation to SILENCE those who don’t agree with you is perverse and disgusting in a free society. If this is allowed to continue America is in for some serious trouble.

Penn should be ashamed as well. They have a sizeable police force. They should be in a position to GUARANTEE THE SAFETY of ANYONE who speaks on their campus and not allow free speech to be silenced. If not on a college campus then where? ANY PROFESSOR who engages in this type of behavior should be fired immediately. Not to do so is disgraceful. There is no place in society for educators who believe intimidation either open or implied is acceptable behavior. Americans are pretty tolerant people. But even the most tolerant among us have their limits. LINK Sooner or later the rest of society will lose patience with these fools. Sooner or later.



  1. drjim says:

    These “protesters” don’t WANT a job. They want everything GIVEN to them.
    Work? Hah! That’s for fools!

  2. drjim says:

    Take two aspirin, and call me in the morning.
    I’ve had a really persistent “cold” for two weeks now. We’re blaming it on my step-son’s girlfriend. She went and got her flu shot, and two days later was really sick.
    Then my step-son got it.
    Then my wife got it.
    Then *I* got it.
    Oh, well…at least we share things in our family!

  3. Bob G. says:

    When the first riots broke out overseas, I said to the missus:
    “Can you imagine how overwhelmed the police departments of THIS nation COULD be should something even close to that stuff abroad come HERE?”

    Sometimes, I hate to be right…seriouslty.

    Might need some military intervention, but “martial law” isn’t the best way to go, either.

    Peace through appeasment…NEVER works.

    Break out the dogs, the O/C and the water cannons…
    Anarchy doesn’t belong in AMERICA.

    Stay safe out there.

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