These solar car competitors could teach the Obama administration a simple lesson: it takes HARD WORK to perfect an idea for mass consumption. Just wasting a half a billion dollars doesn't get the job done.

Looking through walls is no longer something we read about in comic books or watch in Supermanmovies. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory has presented new radar technology that would allow humans to see through a solid wall.

Ok as we know the “Occupy Wall Street” mob is attacking just about everything that makes America great including free enterprise and capitalism. On some level we can excuse the dopey twenty-somethings in the crowd as victims of ignorance and poor schooling. We expect college kids to be idiots. Just go to any campus on a Friday or Saturday night and you will see what I mean. But there are exceptions as we will see.

What’s more disturbing are the “adults” involved in these embarrassing theatrics. They are a collection of professional protestors, naive utopians, social misfits or dedicated revolutionaries. Hardly those cut out to lead the real 99% anywhere. They simply don’t understand or care how our system works and they are having what amounts to a tantrum. Like a small child they will whine and complain until they get their way. Unfortunately getting their way involves sponging off those among us who have worked hard to build a better mouse trap and change the world. Read on:

Charvet tells ABC News that the concept of humans being able to see through a wall was initially his dissertation at Michigan State University. He says he worked with an adviser and built a small mechanical version of the MIT radar system – with the use of a high precision motor from a garage opener – however that model took 20 minutes just to look through a four inch concrete wall.

Later he worked out of his garage while he developed an 8½ foot long, phased array model of the device, but this one took 2 seconds to go through the wall and as a result produced one image every two seconds. Charvet said this was simply not feasible.

Finally after partnering up with fellow colleagues Tyler Ralston and MIT Lincoln Laboratory associate John Peabody, they developed this model. The trio combined their areas of expertise, applied for a grant, and began their work on developing this new system that can produce images in real time. LINK

So here we have the basic formula of American exceptionalism. A college kid takes real classes, studies hard and has an idea. He seeks help from a couple of his buddies. Guided by his insight into a problem and instruction from an advisor they build a better mouse trap IN HIS GARAGE. They may have several more years of hard work ahead of them. There is still no telling if his ideas will ultimately be able to be turned into a practical, cost-effective product. In the end his project may end up in the dustbin of history as just another failed pipe dream. The US Patent Office IS FILLED with ideas that went nowhere.

But the upside of success is TREMENDOUS and that’s hopefully what will spur these kids onward, because in America the payoff ultimately makes the RISK worthwhile. Years of your life devoted to research and development, working and struggling in obscurity with little or no pay, picking yourself up after crushing failure and ridicule, scraping together funding and convincing investors who believe in your vision, fending off competitors… it all takes guts and courage. Inventing isn’t for the faint of heart. I respect the hell out of people like this, the entrepreneurs of our world who dare to take those risks on the off-chance that they can change the world for the better and make a buck in the process.

Unfortunately the “Occupy Mob” disagrees. They think they are ENTITLED to everything. Many of them think and believe (because they have been indoctrinated) that they are equally entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. It’s a disgusting thought process that is as selfish as it is wrong. We have the right to be as productive as we desire and lay claim to all the fruits of our labor.

Interestingly the Occupy crowd essentially espouses this message; but they believe only the “Poor” or “Working Class” are entitled to their fair share (whatever that is). Ask them when enough is enough and watch their heads explode. In other words you can occupy your tent at City Hall and do nothing, or you can bust your ass making the protest a success and it doesn’t make a difference. Lets see just how long this little experiment lasts. My guess is until the funding runs out. None of the protestors are generating a dime. In their world people have the right to be only as successful as their twisted, jealous psychosis allows them to be. Yeah its Lord of the Fleas down there. Pity, the rest of us have already learned these lessons.

Aside from the obvious military application of the (MIT college kids) work, I instantly recognize the emergency services implications this technology offers if it can be perfected and brought to market. Collapse search and rescue would move light years ahead. The ability to locate trapped victims of building collapses, earthquakes and mine disasters or even locate downed firefighters for example is right now a hit or miss proposition. This technology has the potential to save millions of lives overnight.

So my hats off to the American entrepreneur. Changing the world for the better one invention at a time.


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