Forgive the lack of posting lately folks. I’ve been under the weather lately and had to take a couple of days off from work. Apparently I re-aggravated an old shoulder problem and have been dealing with some pretty intense shoulder / neck spasms for about a week now. Thing is I actually worked feeling like this last week and as usual that probably allowed things to get worse. WAY worse. The long and the short of it is an (upper) trapezius strain. That’s the muscle that runs across your upper back, and up the sides of your neck. Pulling this muscle is a real bit*h because you are literally in pain with every movement. When I move the wrong way I instantly feel like I’m being hit with a sword through the neck. The spasms lock me up and you just have to wait until it subsides. Sleeping has been spotty as I can’t get comfortable. Even sitting at the computer has been difficult. Ugh.

We took the boys camping this weekend and I didn’t think I was feeling too badly. But over the weekend things just got worse for me and by sunday I was miserable. Last night was the worst. I managed to get to my chiropractor yesterday (thank God) and again today and between the acupuncture and laser he uses managed to get some relief. The first day he couldn’t crack my neck because the muscles were so locked up. Today he did and I could feel the difference instantly. I’ll be back in first thing tomorrow for another round of treatment. It helps immensely.

The kids now think it’s funny to play “Hey dad look over here”… twisted brats!

My big worry is going back to work too soon. That I can control. What I can’t control is the effect wearing my SCBA (air tank) has. The straps sit directly on the trapezius muscles and I constantly worry about another flare up. I’ll just have to take it easy and let my body heal. Nothing I hate more than being sidelined. Don’t get me wrong, I love the couch, but I love it on my terms. Back soon. C/A

7 Responses to UNDER THE WEATHER

  1. Mike47 says:

    Take care of yourself, Cap’n. Best wishes for quick recovery.

  2. Bob G. says:

    Ditto here with the get wells…

    Always hate to see a first responder sidelined.

    Take it easy out there.

  3. Dustoff says:

    Ya need a nice Hot-tub Capt. (-:

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