Occupy Philly continues, at a cost of 112G a week

OCCUPY PHILLY shows no sign of leaving the tented encampment outside City Hall, so look for taxpayer costs to mount as the demonstration continues its second week. For the first week of protests, the city shelled out $230,000, mostly in police overtime to man the protests that sprung up next to City Hall on Oct. 6, said Budget Director Rebecca Rhynhart.

The other costs include setting up a police command center, as well as public-property and sanitation expenses. Those numbers don’t include the use of straight police time, redeploying officers on regularly scheduled duty. LINK

The city can’t afford basic services yet here we are still allowing this non-sense to continue. Meanwhile we are over a year and a half without a contract. Pretty brilliant stuff. The left must be sooooo proud, I thought they were for the “working man”. Try and have a great week.


  1. Bob G. says:

    I was reading about just the LOGISTICS involved with this ongoing “protest”…I was floored.
    It’s nightmarish…no other way to describe it

    And this is happening to varying degrees in many other cities across the nation *(our included).

    NYC is close to being out a HALF-MIL so far for the O/T.

    Not to mention the “standby-aspect” for the fire departments…because people do get sick…or injured…or require some sort of treatment (as could well be applied to police officers and bystanders).

    Excllent post.

    Hang in there.
    Roll safe.

  2. FrankC says:

    Petrol bombers? Rubber bullets to make them drop the bottle. Ambulance delayed due to bad situation. So sad. Never mind.

  3. Cs says:

    So what’s the solution? They have the right to protest, and it’s none of our faults that the city can’t budget. I don’t have a stance on the movement either.

    Any chance you can cover the controllers updated review of our Ems system?

  4. Ritt says:

    If the Tea Party camped out like this and made this much noise I wonder how long it would take the pols to order the streets cleared.

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