The city has spent more than $400,000 in police costs to deal with the Occupy  Philadelphia protest on the west side of City Hall, Nutter administration  officials estimated Tuesday. The figure includes $164,000 in police overtime through the first five days  of the protest – the bulk of the city’s out-of-pocket costs – and an additional  $237,000 for the plainclothes and uniformed officers stationed at Dilworth Plaza  and other City Hall locations on their regular shifts.

“In one sense the added cost is the overtime number, but there is also a  deployment issue – the officers are here instead of other places,” said Mayor  Nutter’s spokesman, Mark McDonald. Now entering its seventh day, the demonstration has drawn several hundred  people or more to City Hall during peak periods each day. The number of tents  that provide overnight accommodations increased to about 100 from 80 over the  weekend. LINK

Ok so who hasn’t had their fill of these assclowns by now? The desperate democrats and their union pawns have set about taking their class warfare message to the next level. The economy is in the tank and Obama hasn’t a clue how to fix it. He can’t even get his own Senate to pass another of his tax and spend schemes. He is totally discredited at this point. His hand-picked Attorney General Eric Holder is taking the first steps of what will hopefully turn into a perp walk for this arrogant incompetence. His willful lying to Congress about gun running into Mexico only ensures a big scandal is just going to get bigger.

But the real scandal is the protests that we now know are backed by this administration. We are now seeing the violence that I predicted was only a matter of time. Since average Americans are avoiding these hippy drum circles like the plague and few among the protestors know why they are even there (other than they were kicked out of someones basement) the protests are dwindling. Despite MSM claims (like the insipid Diane Sawyer) that the Occupy Wall Street protests are taking off in countries that don’t exist, Philly’s protest at City Hall is nothing more than a homeless feeding camp. And it’s costing taxpayers a bundle.

$400,000.00 is a lot of money to a city like Philly. We are shutting down emergency services every shift in order to get a handle on our budget deficit and yet our idiotic Mayor Squidward like New Yorks reprehensible Bloomberg have basically encouraged these morons to stay as long as they want. What is even more hypocritical is that the collection of left-wing special interest groups currently responsible for this mayhem are the same ones caterwauling at the likes of New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie for trying to get his states finances under control. He’s cutting services and hurting education etc. etc. they cry. Well where do you think the city is going to the money they have to blow on these lunatic protestors? That’s right, the operating budget: police, fire, sanitation, schools… INFRASTRUCTURE!

I have a simple way to deal with these protestors. They have had enough time to make their voice heard. The Mayor himself has met with them. Their demands have been heard. Now they are becoming a public safety and health problem and they have to go. I would give them a deadline to finish their protest and leave (cleaning up after themselves before they depart of course). If not I’d do what MacArthur did:




  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Personally, I think it’s awesome. These toads are rallying against “the man,” and we’re making money of them – hand over fist.

  2. Old NFO says:

    I think they are letting it run as a distraction to what is REALLY happening… sigh

  3. Howie says:

    Do a search on ebay and see all the OWS gear you can buy. Capitialism is bad, but someone is making a buck off these idiots.

  4. Bob G. says:

    If these moonbats want to empty the city coffers at a faster rate…by God, they’re doing so.

    That’s about the ONLY thing they got going for them.

    I say when their permit EXPIRES, the second AFTER it does, you break out the OC, the water cannons, the TASERS and the wrist-ties…and then “book ’em (all), Dann-o”.

    Make THEM pay up for a change (we can hope for).

    And if they can’t afford to pay up…well, we got a LOT of roads that need fixin”…
    Yessir…fresh air, sunshine, hard labor…what’s there for them NOT to love, eh?
    Everyone (in the crew) on “equal footing”…just like THEY want it to be…heh, heh, heh.


    Good post & comments.

    Roll safe.

    • andrew35 says:

      The City bills the Mummers,,St.Patty’s Day and others parading ,because of the the PPD , and cleanup costs. They should bill the organizations that are backing these wanna-be hippies. Stay safe everybody,Jake

  5. Ingineer66 says:

    Time for the fire hoses for these hippies. They could use a bath anyway.

  6. occupymyass says:

    Some girl said abolish $. Yet she had a tent a set of drums and an occupy t shirt on. You need $ for all that shit sweetheart. These people are idiots instead if hoping to be heard for weeks at a time go out and find a damn job. I know the argument is they can’t find one and what not but atleSr show an effort. Job hunters are not going to come down to occupy Philly to look for candidates and hire you based upon who has the most creative sign. Be proactive you want to make a difference start a clothing line be creative sell your art I’m sure there are plenty of communists capitalizing off this movement. But stop wasting the tax payees money to pay cops to babysit you instead of having them investigate murders in one of the worst cities in murder per capita in the country

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