Stev Jobs- An American with a vision and the guts to follow it.

By now we have all heard about the untimely passing of American computer / business icon Steve Jobs. It’s fair to say the world is  worse off because of his death. It’s also fair to say Mr. Jobs changed the world for the better. Not many people ever get to say that. Because of Steve Jobs our world and the living conditions of millions of people have been vastly improved. People’s lives have been saved and millions of people will have their quality of life dramatically improved all because of the revolutionary vision and innovation he brought to market. That would be the capitalist FREE MARKET.

One of the most delicious ironies in the otherwise tragic story of Mr. Jobs death is that his product, the Apple computer and all the spinoff products he invented like the I-Phone are wildly popular among those on the political left. No self-respecting hippy college student, college professor or professional protestor would be caught dead at a job fair, without their beloved IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE or not plugged into ITUNES. So dominant is the I-culture on the left, that the Mac is the computer of choice throughout the world of academia. When I go to my kid’s school I am simply amazed at how many Mac’s they have.

Macs and I-products are high quality, pricey machines. Mr. Jobs should be applauded for his hard work and vision in taking a company that was hemorrhaging money, producing inferior products and turning it into a world-changing, multi-billion dollar corporation. Ironically along the way Mr. Jobs created thousands of good paying jobs, paid a fortune in taxes and created an entire industry. He is an American titan of business and technology. Our President should be as competent.

And if the hippy assh*les currently invading our public spaces had their way Steve Jobs would have never existed. Mr. Jobs is an example of work not government dependence. He is a symbol of a successful American corporation, you know like the “Take over Wall Street” crowd constantly vilify. The street protestors mucking up Wall Street DESPISE everything Mr. Jobs stood for and advanced yet not one would go without the fruits of HIS labor for a New York second. I guess Steve Jobs should just gave them all I-Pads for free. NOT! i Steve Jobs is a symbol of capitalism in its most glorious form and he was proud of his impact on the world. Godspeed Mr. Jobs, you will be missed.

As Walter Williams noted in his essay “Understanding Liberals”:

The sane among us recognize that in a free society, income is neither taken nor distributed; for the most part, it is earned. Income is earned by pleasing one’s fellow man. The greater one’s ability to please his fellow man, the greater is his claim on what his fellow man produces. Those claims are represented by the number of dollars received from his fellow man….

Who should give back? Sam Walton? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Which one of these billionaires acquired their wealth by coercing us to purchase their product?
Each … is a person who served his fellow man by producing products and services that made life easier. What else do they owe? They’ve already given.

2 Responses to JOBS FOR HIPPIES

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I love how these Occupy Wall Street toads are rallying against big business, and using FB, Twitter, and iPhones to spread their ridiculous message.

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