This is how CNN treated peaceful Tea Party protests remember?

NEW YORK (AP) — A diverse group of powerful unions joined demonstrations near Wall Street on Wednesday, lending some focus, credibility and potentially hundreds of participants to a group that started out with a few camped-out college students. Among those planning to join the clamor were members of the Chinatown Tenants Union and the Transit Workers Union, the liberal group, and community organizations like the Working Families Party and United NY. Organizers have called for students at college campuses across the nation to walk out of class in protest.

“We’re really excited that labor is part of the protest,” said Sara Niccoli, spokeswoman for the Labor-Religion Coalition, an Albany, N.Y.-based organization that aims to “do justice” for workers. On Wednesday, the groups will embark on a march starting at Foley Square in lower Manhattan, an area encircled by courthouses and named for “Big Tom” Foley, a former blacksmith’s helper who became a prominent New York Democratic Party leader.

The marchers will head to Zuccotti Park, the unofficial headquarters where protesters have been camped out in sleeping bags. It’s unclear how many people will be joining the march on Wednesday, but some organizers said thousands could show up.

The Occupy Wall Street protests started on Sept. 17 with a few dozen demonstrators who tried to pitch tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, hundreds have set up camp in a park nearby and have become increasingly organized, lining up medical aid and legal help and printing their own newspaper, the Occupied Wall Street Journal. Other groups have periodically gathered and protested in spots throughout the country. LINK

Considering one of the main sponsors of this supposedly “spontaneous” hippy protest is the anti-Semitic Canadian group Ad-Busters I am hoping for an early winter. These people are anarchists and now they have sprung up here in Philly. Typically Police Comisar Chuck Ramsey is incapable of keeping law and order. I expect these idiots to make a total mess of the downtown area for the forseeable future.  Note to the public: STAY AWAY FROM DOWNTOWN PHILLY! Spend your money where people and the government appreciate it.  

For the record they are using a left-wing “Church” at Broad and Arch St. that I have personally inspected in the past and have cited for violations of the fire code. It was given a pass because city officials called it an “All Night Cafe’s” even though there is no provision in the fire code for such an occupancy.

The administration both locally and in Washington are behind this anarchy. These are dangerous times.



  1. drjim says:

    Further proof (as if it’s needed) that the mainstream media is in cahoots with the thug-in-chief.

  2. jfussell says:

    The economy will fail when the government takes from those who have worked for it and give to those who refuse to.

    -Thomas Jefferson

  3. Bob G. says:

    Arch St. Methodist was where my late parents were MARRIED…way back in 1949, and from what they told me, that place was about as far RIGHT as you could imagine.
    How times have changed
    (and not for the better).

    As for the NYC protests?
    Be nice if it rained for three straight days there…lol./
    (most of ’em look like they need a bath, anyway)

    Roll safe

  4. mikemadden59 says:

    This would be a good time to show them that we surround them. A counter protest of massive proportions. Get a Permit from the city and surround that stink smelly park

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