Ok I’m back. It’s been a long week. Although there’s plenty to write about with all the scandals and corruption coming out of the Obama administration lately I haven’t been motivated to get at it. I’m sure that will change. In any event I saw this item and just thought it was a real gem. It’s a combination gun holster / purse. Beside the hotty modeling it I posted it for a reason. Like many law-abiding citizens I have a CCL license but rarely carry. There are a couple of reasons for that: one is that I feel fairly secure in the parts of the city I live and travel in. Where I live (although not crime free) is largely peaceful.

The other reason is that it’s fairly inconvenient. I don’t know about you but I find having to carry my wallet, cell phone, keys (not to mention a .40 cal) and whatever else I happen to need on any particular journey to be a pain in the azz unless I’m wearing cargo pants. Since I live and die in jeans and t-shirts this aggravates me all the time. I also have an issue with many CC holsters as they aren’t robust enough to inspire a lot of confidence. Shoulder holsters are out. Many holsters also need a belt and I’m not real big on belts. So I want to ask a simple question- what do you do with all your crap when your out and about. I realize this may provoke some snarky comments. Ok I asked for it. But honestly what’s a guy to do?



  1. Ingineer66 says:

    The fanny pack on the belly of a guy with a buzz haircut is kind of a giveaway that he is packing and or a cop. So I don’t really have a good answer for you.

  2. mikemadden59 says:

    Buy it nobody will say anything Really… No Really we won’t[ Seriously

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    I don’t carry but enjoy the winter and fall cause more cloths means more pockets!

  4. Bob G. says:

    I’m usually on the fence when it comes to either IWB or OWB rigs.
    Some IWB holsters work well in the hollow of the back, but OWB holsters give faster access (imho).

    What I REALLY klike are the thigh strapped, tactical rigs…but that DOES pose a problem with the whole CONCEALED gig…lol.

    Any shoulder rig has to fit the weapon carried…perfectly, otherwise it becomes an incumberence.
    The pocket holsters seem good enough, as oong as the pants worn can take it.

    I;d shop around and try every different styleof holster availabel…both to fit YOU and the weapon.

    Happy “hunting”.

    Roll safe out there.

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