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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who for years pushed for reconciliation with the Taliban, now says attempts to negotiate with the insurgent movement are futile and efforts at dialogue should focus instead on neighboring Pakistan.

The Afghan leader explained in a videotaped speech released by his office Saturday that he changed his views after a suicide bomber, claiming to be a peace emissary from the insurgents, killed former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani at his home on Sept. 20. Rabbani was leading Karzai’s effort to broker peace with the Taliban.

“Their messengers are coming and killing. … So with whom should we make peace?” Karzai said in the recorded address Friday to a gathering of the nation’s top religious leaders. “I cannot find Mullah Mohammad Omar,” Karzai said, referring to the Taliban’s one-eyed leader. “Where is he? I cannot find the Taliban council. Where is it? LINK

Hey Hamid: no sh*t Sherlock! After ten years of war, savage brutality, insanity and grotesque human carnage the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai finally calls a spade a spade. In a rare moment of clarity he admits there is no talking to the Taliban. Duh! That’s something many of us down here on planet Earth have known all along. Just like World War II the way to end this war is to WIN it. Unfortunately like World War II that means KILLING every last one of our enemy. Our grandparents knew that and understood it all too well. We rightly refer to them as our greatest generation in part due to that clarity of mind and action. Battles like Iwo Jima and the Bastogne are testaments to their determination to fight to the bitter end.

Unfortunately, these days diplomats and politicians like President Obama think that if we all just sat down and got to know the other guy (our enemies) and understood his side of the story, if we only saw things through his eyes we would understand that we all want the same things: peace and prosperity. That line of thinking is absurd and not grounded in reality in any context. If you sit down with the Taliban your liable to be blown to bits by a suicide bomber.

In the Middle East we are facing a virulent strain of religious fanaticism. These fanatics seek every chance to exploit any perceived weakness in our efforts. They obey no rules of war, take no prisoners and will stop at nothing to defeat us in the name of their religion. For the terrorists there are only two possible outcomes: victory or death. It is their religion that drives them. That means there can be no compromise for to do so would be to compromise their very belief system. That is akin to death itself for true believers. Since a death of that sort would be dishonorable and unthinkable, death on the battlefield is preferable. Again you can’t simply negotiate away the very reason someone exists.

What is bizarre about this entire sad enterprise is the way the Obama administration is behaving. The ONE area where most conservatives can find an agreement with this administration is in the continued drone offensive against terrorists WHEREVER THEY ARE FOUND. Ironically a continuation and validation of the Bush-era doctrine that every liberal in the nation decried as illegal and immoral. In this program we have an instrument to track down and eliminate the terrorists where they live and hide. This is the only way to deal with terrorists. It’s about time someone informed the emperor he has no clothes.


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    Don’t ya just love it, when the light bulb finally comes on.

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