After taking a day off this weekend to go camping with the Scouts I returned to work last night to this sight:

An unknown car surrounded by crime scene barrier-tape. That’s not exactly what I want to see in front of my fire station. I couldn’t wait to hear the story behind this scene. What I learned in my change of shift briefing was not unexpected, but shocking none the less.

 Apparently when the day shift ladder crew was returning from a call, the car was already there. Inside were four individuals. The driver said something to the working officer and he went over to the car to investigate. That’s when the driver told him he was shot. A closer inspection revealed multiple bullet holes in the door, both entry and exit holes.

The guys immediately started tending to the driver as his companions left the scene (but returned a short time later). They called a medic unit to the station, as usual our medics were on another call. The police arrived and took control of the scene and the driver was taken to the hospital. I just shook my head as nothing surprises me anymore.

Crime is rampant and out of control in Philly especially the senseless, random shootings and murders. The Nutter administration, like most liberal administrations is powerless to do anything about it and virtually out of ideas on how to stop it. So we prisoners, er residents just cope the best we can.

All in all just another day in da hood!


6 Responses to SHOP TALK

  1. FrankC says:

    “Like this post”? How can I like a situation when people are shot multiple times, likely over a matter of “respec'” or a bad debt.
    I do not like it, I do not.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Oh man… and y’all can’t carry… That sucks!

  3. Spock says:

    LOVE it!!!

  4. mikemadden59 says:

    Run into the ground by corrupt Democrat politicians. This is the end of the City of Philadelphia. I pray for my brothers and sisters serving the public every day. Stay safe all!

  5. Bob G. says:

    Man, if that doesn’t look like Castor & Kensington Aves.
    (where I got my “junior fire marshal” badge a LONG time ago when I was in elementary school)…we toured the fire house there (it was pretty new back then).

    But that was when you could actually WALK the streets all over there unarmed and still remain SAFE (even at night).

    How times have changed (for the worse).

    Guess the NEXT (logical) step will be to uparmor the engine cabs and provide LVL 3 body armor to ALL you 1st responders…

    Hope it NEVER gets that bad.
    Roll safe out there.

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