It’s been about two weeks since I changed the background on the blog to the firefighter tiles. Tonight I get an e-mail from none other than Wyatt telling me it has to go before he seizes in his basement where no one will find him, slumped over his keyboard in a puddle of his own drool.

In any event I’ve decided to take a poll. Let me know how you feel. Is the background too busy or is it just cool enough? Since no one else has complained this is all on Wyatt. I’ll leave it up till Friday; that way it’ll be legit.


14 Responses to POLL QUESTION

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Your blog, your call, but I would have either found one large photo to cover the entire page – like my Philly pic on my Twitter page, or kept the background, but deleted the top center header.

    Or . . . you could ask Jim from bRight&Early to see if he can make you something special, like he did for my template.

    I think it distracts from your posts, and you want people reading, not looking at the pretty colors. Just my $0.02. Either way, I voted, and I’ll only vote once so as to not skew the results.

  2. Dude- cheap gimmicks and distractions are my stock and trade! I’d much rather distract everyone with flames then have them reading my drivel! Besides it was all I could do to get this done. I was worried if I did anything else I would have crashed the internet or delete First In at the least. If the vote goes badly maybe I’ll have to ask Jim for some help!

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Just thinking how it looked to new readers coming over from the Blogger MVP vote. People don’t like change. Just ask Team Obama.

  4. Well, if it’s going to distract me from the posts, then please keep it and change it to fluorescent, strobing colors.

  5. momhoppes says:

    I like it. I voted to keep it. Can we vote more than once? Or is the vote one per person(ality)?

  6. Dustoff says:

    Leave it Capt. (-:

  7. Randal Graves says:

    The problem is that you never get to see the whole photo. On the left side of the “main text area” I see two broken halfs; the same is true for the right side. This way, you never get to actually appreciate the whole photo.

    • Point taken. It is just such a cool picture, I was experimenting with it and when I got that far I just kind of left it alone. I didn’t get time to get back to it and no one seemed to mind until you know who hissed at me that it sucked. I’d actually like to use it for my header but wordpress is a pain in the nads to work with. I may still try and make it work.

  8. jfussell says:

    I might just have to draw something up for ya Cap’n. Im busy as schyte down here but I could probably find some time when the kids asleep to fiddle something up.

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  10. Sally Anne says:

    Don’t even see it on mobile format… I personally tend to favor simple backgrounds, so I’ll always vote for that.

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