Cool looking out the window and seeing this bird hanging around...

It looks like there is a new hawk in our neighborhood. I was having my coffee this morning when I looked out the window and spotted this Hawk? perched on the backyard fence. It appears to be different from the one we spotted before. Around this part of the city these awesome birds seem to have made an impressive go of it. I’ve lived here my entire life and don’t remember seeing this many hawks when I was growing up. Now it is nothing to see five or six hawks soaring on the thermals high above the neighborhood.

It is still pretty rare to see one this close to the ground. It makes me think the environmentalists don’t have a clue. My guess is the ecosystem must be doing pretty well if it can support such a large population of birds of this size especially in the city. Anyway the boy is thrilled to see them. I think his bird feeder has something to do with it. There are tons of smaller birds feeding at it throughout the course of the day. Back to work in the AM. See ya.


3 Responses to BACKYARD BIRDS

  1. Dustoff says:

    Come to my area of the world Capt.
    We have huge Eagles that sometimes fly low over the homes…

    Quite a sight.

  2. Bob G. says:

    Looks like a Swainson’s Hawk to these transplanted Philly boy’s eyes.
    (you learn a lotta weird crap in “Hooiserland”…lol)
    How in God’s name did you manage to wrangle one of THOSE out back of your place?
    (least you shouldn’t have any MICE in the area now)

    Amazing find…great picture.

    Roll safe
    (and happy bird-watching).

  3. Andrew says:


    That’s a Cooper’s Hawk – nice spot! Definitely not as common as Red Tails, but they are native to the philly area for sure.

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