Under the Obama administrations new rules one way signs will no longer be allowed. All direction signs from now on must be "Two Way".

A federal mandate is forcing a Bucks County township to dish out a large sum of money.

The mandate requires that West Rockhill Township change its street signs. West Rockhill’s signs contain letters that are all caps and four inches. The mandate requires that the letters change to six inches with the first letter being uppercase and the rest lowercase. The change was enforced in order to make the signs more readable to workers responding to an emergency.

“I think that’s stupid but if it has to happen, it has to happen,” said resident Robert Schlauer. While the township isn’t too thrilled about the change, the real issue is the amount that it will cost to replace the old signs, a total of $12,000. “It’s wasted money,” said township supervisor John Mann. “We’re having a tough time now making our end’s meet and now we have this and it’s going to cost all this money.”LINK

If you ever needed an example of an overreaching, burdensome and out of control federal government, look no further. I have actually been wanting to do a post about this since it’s happening right here in Philly as well. Thousands of street signs will have to be changed because in Philly our street signs are ALL CAPS. Somewhere in the halls of Washington bureaucracy, the Bureau of Street Sign Management? has issued requirements that we all have the same street signs and that they all be exactly the same. That means first letter CAPITAL and the rest lower case.

What’s worse is that they pin this on emergency responders. No one asked me or anyone I know about this because if they did we would have told them to put the street hundreds back on the signs. That’s correct, in Philly they removed the hundreds from the signs a few years back to save money. Now the only make one copy of say- BROAD Street, instead of one for the 1300, 1400, 1500 block and so on, ironically they said to save money.

Now they want to say they are SPENDING money for public safety when in fact the opposite is true. Having the hundreds on the sign that’s all CAPITALS makes a big difference at two o’clock in the morning to a tired driver especially when many streets don’t run true (like many neighborhoods in this city). Philly streets are notorious for jumping hundreds for no apparent reason. Only seasoned drivers can make sense out of some areas and in a crisis time is critical.

It’s funny one of the quaint little things I always liked about the suburban towns around Philly is that they all have their own street signs. They usually date back years and are always different colors. That was one of the ways I knew as a kid that we left the city on some trip. As soon as I saw the different street signs I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Now all that has to change just because some nameless, faceless bureaucrat said so. And we will all once again pick up the bill for yet another unfunded government mandate.

This isn’t supposed to be the way it works folks. The federal government is totally out of control. Washington under the Obama administration has become the be all, end all super nanny hell-bent on regulating or administrating every aspect of our lives from health care to street signs to Slurpees. If it costs West Rockhill $12,000.000 to replace their signs, can you imagine what it will cost Philly? I’ll bet enough to keep a firehouse or two open for a year. This is why Republicans are entirely correct to resist at all costs the democrats plans for more taxes and spending. Government spending is killing our economies and our futures and it has to be brought under control. Period.

Furthermore it begs the question- why don’t we just do away with the federal government in the first place? Not the whole thing, but go down the list. How many of these departments are utter and complete wastes of money? Why do we need a federal Department of Education for example? The states are perfectly capable of supervising their education systems. This is just one example but you could easily come up with a dozen useless departments. Unnamed bureaucrats forcing mandates on us isn’t what I signed up for.

One more thing: membership in this American union should be viewed as a privilege, not a right. I read today that California is about to pass a law mandating lunch breaks, wages and health care FOR BABYSITTERS. As far as I am concerned enough is enough. If California insists on doing this insane kind of shit then they should be EXPELLED from the union. Lets see if California can go it alone. The time has come for us to decide what kind of country we want to have. In insane asylum / financial basket case or a land of grown-ups. A condition for membership in this union should be a balanced budget. If California is expelled then they can do as they please and all the countries loonies and wack-o can go co-exist out there. We will see how fast they come running back when the money runs out.



  1. “A federal mandate…was relaxed Tuesday as the White House sought to reduce the regulatory burden on cash-strapped city and state governments.”

    “The original mandate was churned out by George W. Bush administration regulators in 2003…”


  2. Sally Anne says:

    Seems to me that neither the former nor the current president can be solely blamed for this kind of crap. The blame lies with all of us voters who have tolerated this ongoing bloating of the government and re-elected the useless greedy slimebags who push through nonsense for their own gain. Politicians do not care about regular people. They cry that they can’t make ends meet when they make 174K a year, yet they claim that military members’ benefits are too much (I actually *am* struggling to make ends meet, and they make enough in a year to pay off my house and two cars). They have NO CONNECTION to reality, and they don’t care who they screw to get their payday.

  3. Bob G. says:

    Why in God’s name would they REMOVE the “hundreds” numeration on the Philly street signs?
    That’s RIDICULOUS!

    Cripes, people used to STILL get lost when they HAD the numbers…WTF is it like NOW, I wonder?

    God bless yyu guys for having to deal with this (whicn you should NOT).

    Roll safe out there.

  4. Dustoff says:

    Guess they never heard of Map books and GPS.

  5. URSIS says:

    Hey don’t send anymore loonies out here, believe me there are enough to go around. Plus it’s not just the babysitters; it’s also the childcare workers trying to get unionized and in more states than just CA. Check out this video by Katt Williams-his response to a Mexican heckler in CA:

  6. momhoppes says:

    I wonder what would happen if they got rid of 911 and people had to find places with directions from the caller that include things like “and when you see the pink flamingo…” at 1:30am

    (I am ashamed to say I got lost and could not find the pink flamingo. Thankfully, one of the other first responders found the place and was able to GPS for air evac.)

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